Monday, May 21, 2007

Loren Coleman is NOT a Chauvinist

I have never heard Loren say or seen anything in his writings that seem chauvinistic to me. I heard his comment on c2c last week and I agree with it. I have always noticed that animals are more at ease with women. This includes pets, even here at our house, it took much longer for the pets to trust Britton than me and when people visit they are always more leery of the men. I have noticed that with other people's pets as well, there can be a house full of both men and women, but it is the women that they prefer to be around. If there is anything chauvinistic in that observation, it is towards men, not women. Think about it, who would you rather run into if you were alone in a dark alley, a man or a woman? Animals aren't stupid, they know that males are more likely to shoot them and eat them, even humans know that. Sorry, but men and women are not the same. Men are more prone to violence and that is a fact, animals (and humans) have an instinct for survival, so women really do have a better chance of making contact with Bigfoot. It is beyond me how anyone can take Loren's statement that women would be better at making contact with bigfoot and twist it into being chauvinistic. All I can figure is that these are the people who want everyone to think of men and women as being exactly the same. I assure you, they are not. Why are there feminists who want to take the fem part out of that word? To me, being truly feminist means celebrating the things that make you different from a man, one of those things is pheromones, but there are many others. Really girls, don't deny your fantastic pheromones, don't be insulted by the mention of them, embrace them, celebrate them!

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