Sunday, March 06, 2016

RIP Dee Andrew!

While I was writing for UFO Magazine (before its untimely demise) I did 3 interviews that I remember, Karyn Dolan, Jon Ronson and Dee Andrew.
Although, I was never fortunate enough to meet Dee in person, I did have quite a few internet exchanges with her and I am incredibly sad that she is now gone from us. She was a bright light in this world which can never be replaced.
Dee had a very popular podcast “Eye to the Sky” and she was the National director of ICAR (International Community for Alien Research). Aside from that she was just an awesome person! She was so excited about being interviewed for the magazine and told me that she couldn’t wait to tell her mom! I had no idea that I could make someone that happy by having them help me out with an interview!
Dee was just the warmest and most wonderful person you could ever hope to know and I am so happy that I did get to know her even if it was only in a small way. I am sending bunches of love to David and the rest of her family!


Alfred Lehmberg said...

Such a lovely person...

Alfred Lehmberg said...

The thing about Dee Andrews is you felt like you knew her and then found that you always liked what you had known. She was willow thin in portrait and I would imagine that she had a grace matching that Tolkien-like elfin carriage. I'd bet "watch and warrant" she had beautiful hands and that they suggested illustration with their movements like intelligent brushes. She was smart, articulate, curious and brave. She was intrepid progressive, imaginative and she engaged you.

To say that she is missed is an insult of gross understatement; though, we can console ourselves to a degree secure in the knowledge that she is on the record, living still on hundreds of thousands of hard drives all over the world in what could be the _enduring_ record of courageous persons who serve us all by daring to look out of humanity's box and then throwing a reasoning light on it to share same. Thank's Dee, for being part of our experience.


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