Wednesday, October 26, 2005

First up on Dreamland last Saturday was Dr. Roger Leir, he told us a bit about his book "UFO crash in Brazil" before Whitley moved on to the true guest, General Parviz Jafari. General Jafari had been one of the pilots involved in the "Tehran Dogfight" where Iranian pilots engaged UFOs. It also sounds as though General Jafari had some sort of abduction experience that he can't remember. Dr. Leir was hoping to get him to a regression session. It was a very interesting story though you did have to listen carefully due to Gen. Jafari's Iranian accent. Linda Moulton Howe arrived for the last part of the show and told us all about alligators and exploding snakes. You can listen to the entire Dreamland show for free at Unknown Country.

Sadly, there was no subscribers interview this week. Instead what us subscribers got was a Whitley monologue on earth changes and global warming. Normally I would give a run down of the subscribers interview for those who don't subscribe, but it would be too depressing to do so with this. I will only say it was the typical and probably true doom and gloom scenario that we who listen to this type of show have heard many times.

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