Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday - 1st hour was live with Noory and guests. First up for a couple minutes was David Sereda. David was reporting about the camera that citizen spaceman took with him to space. The camera has somehow disappeared. How do you lose a camera on a fairly small space shuttle? So far the answer to that is a mystery. Hogie then showed up for the rest of the hour, hyping his then soon to come blog post about Hurricane Wilma and the weather wars. The rest of the show was a rebroadcast with Evelyn Paglini.
Monday - Noory finally got around to a Tesla show, something c2c has been sadly missing in recent times. A really good show if you are someone who doesn’t know very much about the astonishing Mr. Tesla. For those of us that do, it was rather a rehash of some of our favorite stories and although still entertaining not what it could have been if Noory would have been more knowledgeable and asked better questions.
Tuesday - Was Robert Moss to talk about Dreams. I skipped this show because I don’t normally find dream guests very entertaining. Since then two people I trust have given rather good reviews of this show, so I will probably have to download and listen sometime soon.
Wednesday - What had earlier been described as a earthquake roundtable turned out to be a earth changes rt. Noory’s guests were Jim Berkland, Stan Deyo and James McCanney. Hoagie also popped in for a short while to once again hype his (now posted and updated) blog post and discuss the weather war. This episode turned out to be far better than I had imagined.
Thursday - The return of Lionel Fanthorpe. I have to say Lionel is probably one of my favorite guests and this show was just perfect considering Halloween is on it’s way. I am always utterly amazed at the amount of stories that Lionel somehow keeps in his head and that he tells them in such a fabulously entertaining way.
Friday - Linda Moulton Howe the first hour. Bird Flu again. I love Linda, but I happen to agree more with George on this topic. I think it is part of this administration's “propaganda of paranoia” as I call it. Don’t want to get off on a political rant so I will stop with that topic. Linda ended by saying she has some new evidence about some crash and she would be presenting it at the Crash Retrieval Conference in LV. Also, she mentioned she would be live with George sometime during that. My nosiness is getting the best of me and I am going to have to email to see if I can find out anything about this crash and where and when it was. The rest of the show was open lines and pretty darn boring.
Saturday - John Michael Greer made his first c2c appearance with Ian Punnett. He didn’t rock my world or bore me to death so it was a OK show.

I had a hard time picking my favorite show this week because I really like the Tesla topic, but that wasn’t the best Tesla show (due to Noory, not the guest) so in the end I have to say Lionel Fanthorpe and his wondrous storytelling is my fave of the week. That makes the score George 8, Ian 3 and Art 1. Come on Ian, you were on a roll there for a while and I believe you can still catch up if you try.

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