Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunday - Art returned for his first of two Sundays this month with guest Stanton Friedman. This was a big treat for us c2c and ufology fans because Stanton hasn't been on in ages. Art goaded Stanton into admitting all the hate in his heart for SETI. Well done Art! Stanton spoke about other things as well such as the infamous Phil Klass letter, the Majestic documents and the queen of the slime pit, Susan Clancy. Great show!
Monday - George Noory gave air to the second annual JFK assassination special. Guests were Lamar Waldron, Peter Levenda and Joan Mellen. Waldron took the first hour and kind of had the normal run of the mill JFK mafia assassination story, still highly entertaining. Second hour was Peter Levenda. Levenda stuck to his story about the group of nine that he told last time he was on c2c, a great story it is. Mellen told us a lot about Garrison, but not a whole lot about JFK.
Tuesday - Yes, before Tuesday was announced I whined that Jim Marrs was not included on the JFK special. Noory did even better and gave him an entire show. You know Jim Marrs did not stick to only the JFK topic though, he also got around to the illuminati, UFOs and 9-11. He even said that Saddam had been "a two bit, 10 horn dictator" it is that kind of thing that endears me most to Marrs, his flair with language.
Wednesday - It was open lines, but that didn't keep a couple guests from dropping by. First hour was Richard Hoagland talking about the Japanese space mission. I expected some grand conspiracy about this and was sadly disappointed. Later in the show Dannion Brinkley dropped by to spread good cheer.
Thursday - The guest was Kevin Taylor (along with his son, I forget his name) talking about the hollow earth. I am not totally convinced of the hollow earth, but this was a fun and interesting show.
Friday - A rebroadcast of Oliver Williams talking about John Titor and time travel. I heard this the first time around and skipped it this time. A good show for those who haven't heard it though.
Saturday - Ian Punnett returns to bring his own brand of esoteric talk radio with guest Shelley Kaehr talking about Divination. I didn't get to hear very much of this show, but what I did hear sounded more interesting than I had expected and I hope to get around to the rest sometime soon.

My favorite show of the week was a little tough this time around. It was between Stanton Friedman and Jim Marrs, both of whom I love dearly. In the end I had to go with Stanton, mostly because I hear from him far less than I do Jim Marrs who is often on Rense and Dreamland.

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LesleyinNM said...

Though I am not a true believer in hollow earth theory I found this show entertaining. I also am always facsinated by Admiral Byrd's journal entry. I have no idea exactly what to make of that.