Sunday, February 05, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art Bell spent the first hour talking about HAARP with guest Nick Begich. The rest of the show was Glenn Steckling talking about moon bases. I had looked forward to the moon base talk, but after the first hour it got pretty dull.
Monday - Gerald Celente was George Noory's first hour guest. He was talking about economic trends and was probably the most entertaining guest I have ever heard speak on that topic. He was very passionate about the subject to say the least. I forget who was suppose to be the guest for the rest of the show, but there was some sort of phone problem and we ended up with plain old open lines.
Tuesday - The "alien hunter" Derrell Sims joined Noory. I thought I had heard Sims before, but I didn't remember him being so entertaining. He completely kept my attention with ideas that sometimes sounded a bit crazy, but who knows they could be true.
Wednesday - First hour was Howard Lyman talking about Mad Cow. Second hour was Dr. Phillip Tierno spreading fear of staph infections. The final two hours was Dr. Len Horowitz talking about evil pharmaceutical companies and why we shouldn't worry about mad cow and staph infections.
Thursday - The guest was Jim Karol to talk about Magic and memory. I totally missed this one.
Friday - First hour was Marc Zicree talking about Star Trek. The rest of the show was open lines, which I loath and I skipped.
Saturday - On c2c live with Ian Punnett the first hour guest was Capt. Kelly Sweeney, I missed the first hour and will have to listen later. The rest of the show was John Tayman who wrote "The Colony" a true story of leprosy sufferers who were exiled to the Hawaiian island of Molokai. This was more interesting than I though it would be. Ian devoted the last hour to open lines and swore to do his impression of Captain Kirk passing a kidney stone if people did not call and talk to him. It worked, people called.
On c2c am with Art Bell, Art's first hour guest was Ed Dames. Dr. Doom as Art calls him, or Dr. Loon as I call him. His focus was on bigfoot, who is apparently some projection from space according to Dames. Richard Tarnas was next to talk about the Cosmos and psyche. I only got to hear about the first hour of this, but it seemed very interesting and I will have to listen to the full show later.

My favorite show of the week goes to alien hunter Derrell Sims!

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