Sunday, February 19, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art Bell's guest was Howard Bloom. Bloom was suppose to talk about Green Fuel, but all I really heard him speak on was terrorism. He was full of paranoia about Iran having a nuke within 2 months. Although, I find most of what he said highly doubtful, I still found his raving rather entertaining.
Monday - The one and only Stanton Friedman stopped by for a first hour chat with George Noory. Stanton shared his memories of the late Walter Haut and also the early days of his Roswell research. David Darling was the full show guest, he discussed space and the universe. I didn't get to hear all of Darling's interview, but what I heard was interesting.
Tuesday - George's guest was Stephen Hairfield to talk about 2012. I did not get to hear any of this show. I have heard from others that is was great so I will have to listen sometime soon.
Wednesday - Bill Tierney was the first hour guest. He talked about the Saddam tapes that he translated. He seemed to have his own agenda to me and the way he interpreted the meaning of what was being said seemed strange to me. The full show guest was Richard Sauder who spoke about underground and underwater bases. He shared his first hour with Bill Hamilton. I haven't heard Hamilton in years so that was a nice surprise. We had heard most of what Sauder had to say before, but still a very entertaining show.
Thursday - Jon Rappoport was the first hour guest. He spent his time getting me to worry about my teflon use. Next was John Lash to tell us about ETs and ancient text. Although I did get to hear some of this, it isn't really enough to comment on other than to say that it sounded promising and I will listen to the rest very soon.
Friday - First hour was Randy Cerveny talking about freak weather. Pretty entertaining. Last hour George played his interview with Titor family attorney Larry Haber. We didn't learn anything new about time traveler John Titor or his family so it was kind of disappointing.
Saturday -
C2C live with Ian Punnett - First hour Ian talked with Dawn Nettles about the horrible experiences of lottery winners. I wasn't convinced and was still willing to give it a try, but sadly I did not have the winning powerball numbers. The rest of the show was Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince talking about their new book The Sion Revelation, along with other Di Vinci Code related stuff. A very good show!
C2c am with Art Bell - Art had the human calculator Scott Flansbury on the first hour. I hate math so I admit I didn't find this terribly entertaining. The rest of the show was Albert Taylor mostly talking about OBE (out of body experiences). Even though I have had my own OBE I don't find this subject very interesting so I bowed out after the first hour.

Since I did not get to listen to all shows I wanted to this week I am going to skip my normal show of the week pick.

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