Sunday, February 26, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art Bell's first hour guest was James Gilliland who talked about all the strange UFO activity at his Ranch. Robert Zimmerman joined Art after that and they shared a lively debate on global warming, then moved on to NASA and space issues. A better show than I had expected.
Monday - I hear that Loren Coleman dropped by for a few minutes the first hour, but I somehow missed that. Oliver William also dropped by the first hour to discuss John Titor, which was fairly interesting as always. The rest of the show was spent with paranormal investigator Nick Reiter. I didn't find Nick or the conversation very entertaining, maybe it just wasn't my cup o' tea.
Tuesday - The guest was psychic Jeffrey Wands. I had the same feeling about this show as I did Nick Reiter on Monday.
Wednesday - This show made up for Monday and Tuesday. This show was all about the UAE port controversy and gave us 7 great guests. Those guests were, Captain Sweeney, Charles Smith, Steve Quayle, Howard Bloom, Jerome Corsi, Douglas Hagmann and the one and only Alex Jones. The great thing about this type of show is that if you are bored by a guest they are soon gone and replaced with another. You are also given multiple theories to choose from, or you can choose none and just enjoy as I did.
Thursday - Time to revisit the topic of 9/11 once again. The main guest was Professor James Fetzer, but he was also joined by David Ray Griffin and Morgan Reynolds at times. I would have to agree with some others who have said that Fetzer was too obviously a liberal and this took away from his creditability. Still, I found this show very enjoyable.
Friday - I heard most of R. Gary Patterson the first hour. He was there to tell us a bit about a report of John Lennon's ghost. I hear that former weatherman Scott Stevens was on the second hour, but I missed that because I thought it would be open lines.
Saturday -
c2c live - The first hour Ian Punnett chatted with Andrew Colarik about government surveillance. The rest of the show was spent with Gregg Braden, who was basically talking about "the field." I don't always enjoy this type of show, but this one was really great. I very much believe in positive thought effecting reality and Braden was such a great guest that this show really worked for me.
c2c am - Noam Mohr joined Art Bell for the first hour to talk about global warming. The full show guest was Professor Lisa Randall, she talked about hidden dimensions and also global warming. Randall was a good guest and seemed very smart, but she wasn't anywhere near as entertaining as Dr. Kaku as she depended totally on science and seemed to have little imagination.

I want to mention that during one of the shows last week Noory mentioned that Richard C. Hoagland has been very sick. He said it was "touch and go" for a while, but that Hoagie seems to be improving now. He did not tell us what is wrong with RCH, but I guess we now know why we haven't heard from him in a while. I am sure no matter what any of us may think of Hoagie's "science" that we all wish him a speedy recovery.
My favorite show of the week was pretty easy to pick this time and it was Wednesdays UAE port show.

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