Sunday, March 19, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art's guest was Evelyn Paglini, who is a witch - she said it, not me. It was much like any of Evelyn's interviews and since I am not a big Paglini fan I skipped most of it.
Monday - First hour George Noory had Colm Kelleher on to give a update on mad cow disease. Catherine Lanigan was the full show guest, talking about angelic encounters and although I didn't get to listen to the entire show what I heard was pretty good.
Tuesday - First hour Richard C. Hoagland popped in to give us a little update on various Hoagie projects. The rest of the show was Nick Redfern talking about Government surveillance and ufos. I enjoyed most of the show, but was disappointed first with Noory hyping project Serpo again and then with Redfern pretty much going along with it. No mention of some of the newer postings to the Serpo site, including the photos of a eben and eben writing that have been around for ages.
Wednesday - Katherine Albrecht was the guest, along with two pop in guests, Pat Showalter and Celeste Bishop who talked about the evils of electronic animal tagging. Most of the Albrecht stuff I have heard dozens of times, but it was probably nice for people who haven't heard it before.
Thursday - Comic book writer Neal Adams was the guest. Neal spoke about comics all too briefly and then spent the rest of the show sharing his theory of the earth growing. I couldn't buy the theory, but it was somewhat entertaining.
Friday - Linda Moulton Howe was the guest for the first two hours. She told frightening tales of glacier melting. The rest of the show was open lines and I skipped it.
Saturday -
C2C live with Ian Punnett - We went out tonight so I missed Ian. I had looked forward to this show with Robert Bowie Johnson talking about Greek mythology, but I have it on good authority from D. Poole that the show turned out to be more about the bible and was rather boring so I didn't miss much of anything. Podcast and mp3 for Ian starting next week.
C2C am with Art Bell - Art's guest was one of my favorite ufo investigators, Nick Pope. He talked about all things relating to ufos and as always is a wealth of information about Rendlesham. Crop circle enthusiasts may not like his take on those, but you can't please all the people all the time.

I believe last night with Nick Pope was my favorite show of the week.

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