Sunday, May 21, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Was the rebroadcast of Art Bell interviewing George Lutz, the once owner of the haunted Amityville house and who passed away last week. This was a good interview the first time, but this is the second rebroadcast in my recent memory and I skipped it.
Monday - I had my doubts about guest Aaron Russo because I thought it would be 3 hours of tax related talk. Luckily I was way wrong and Aaron turned out to be a great guest with many entertaining stories as well as being a conspiracy monger. He told us about the nightclub he owned in Chicago, being Bette Milder's manager and boyfriend, the film making world and many other wild tales. My favorite new guest in ages.
Tuesday - What can someone say about the awesome Jim Marrs? Not only does he have all the info on the illuminati and aliens, but he also has a darn entertaining way of telling about them. I was very sorry to hear that his Discovery Channel Show X-Ops had been cancelled before it was even shown, but I suppose I should have expected that one. We can hope that some other network might pick it up, Scifi channel maybe?
Wednesday - Dr. John Abramson was George Noory's guest. He talked about all the things that depress me about the medical industry. I didn't listen to the entire show, but he did seem more interesting than a lot of people I have heard speak on the subject.
Thursday - I missed the first half of Tom Horn who was there to talk about alien hybrids and stargates. The part I heard wasn't very good, but I did hear that the first part of the show was much better so I will have to get around to it sometime soon.
Friday - Kathrine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre were around for the first two hours to talk about RFID. I didn't hear anything new during this so I didn't find it very entertaining. The rest of the show was open lines which I found even less entertaining.
Saturday -
c2c live - Guest host Ross "the voice" Mitchell filled in for Ian, so Ian could fill in for Art. I was at a birthday party and only heard the last hour. Mitchell sounded great, but the guest Brooks Agnew didn't seem very interesting. Maybe he was interesting earlier in the show?
c2c am - Ian Punnett spent the first couple minutes of the show worrying about how much better Mitchell sounds than he does. Who can argue with that? Then he finally after some other stuff got around to reading my email. Ian you dork! He printed out the email and somehow cut off my website address and as a result did not give it on air. At least he mentioned Binnall of America (though not the actual website address) and asked me to say hi to Tim for him. His first hour guest was Judge Andrew Napolitano who had much to say about illegal wiretapping that I agreed with. The rest of the show was with Charles Ostman who talked about nano tech and just plain old tech. Ostman is normally pretty good, but I ended up watching one of the dozens of Knights Templar shows on History channel this weekend.

I can only think of a few people who might possibly rival Jim Marrs as a guest, but they didn't show up last week so Tuesday with Marrs was my favorite show of the week.

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