Sunday, June 11, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - It was a c2c event that sadly did not live up to expectations. Dan Aykroyd returned, but only for the first hour. The first half of the interview was pretty entertaining. For some unknown reason during the second half George decided to take calls and he let some lady babble away 4 minutes telling of her UFO sighting, which I might add was not even an interesting UFO sighting. George also let David Sereda take up some time talking when he had the following 3 hours to talk. The next 3 hours with David Sereda was good stuff even though I would have really liked it if Aykroyd had stayed for the entire show.
Monday - I have no clue what I was doing on Monday, but I somehow missed Patrick Heron and his talk of the antichrist and apocalypse. Binnall seemed to enjoy this ep and you can find his comments on it here. I hope to get around to it soon.
Tuesday - As I predicted somewhere at theusofe, Glynis McCants showed up the first hour to talk about 666 and other things we had all heard before. Then we had to put up with Sean David Morton repeating things we had all heard from him before. Somewhere in there was a priest or some similar type person who didn't seem to believe in the antichrist or anything relating to him. I was much looking forward to hearing Gary McKinnon after that, but he could not be reached. I have the inside story of this and he was not trying to ditch Noory. So no Mckinnon and we were stuck with open lines until the last hour when George decided to chat with Hoagie.
Wednesday - John Zaffis was the guest to talk about hauntings. I am not much of a ghost believer, but this show was pretty good. Sometime during the show some lady who had lived in a former funeral parlor showed up. Apparently we were suppose to be surprised that a former funeral parlor was haunted, even I wasn't surprised by that.
Thursday - Alex Jones showed up for the first hour to tell us all about being detained in Canada. He had supposedly been awake for 48 hours or something and this was not the normal AJ. He told us very calmly about his experience and at one point seem to be on the verge of tears. Fantastic radio! The rest of the show was Cosmologist Marcus Chown. Chown was no Dr Kaku, but he was pretty darn interesting and I enjoyed the show.
Friday - The first hour was some horribly boring person talking about gravity and it's effect on the stock market or some such thing. I tuned out during the first hour and didn't return for open lines.
Saturday -
c2c live - A rebroadcast of Ian and Greg Braden. I believe I enjoyed this the first time, but was not around for the second.
c2c am - Ian Punnett filling in for Art Bell once again. First hour we learned what many of us have long suspected, that the voices of hell tape is fake. This is not absolutely proven yet, but it seems like it will be next weekend or very soon. His guest was Dean Koontz for 3 full hours. We learned about the great ideas agents have - not! Also, other things like how Dean's father tried to kill him. Dean is really interesting and I really enjoyed the show.

I think my favorite show of the week was Sunday with Dan Aykroyd and David Sereda, but Saturday with Dean Koontz is really close. It might be a tie, but I lean a little bit towards Sunday because I like Aykroyd so much even though the show didn't turn out quite as I had hoped.

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