Sunday, June 18, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art was still not ready to broadcast and we ended up with a rebroadcast of Dr. Michio Kaku. I did not get to listen, but had heard it the first time around and as with all Kaku interviews it was worth the time.
Monday - Wayne Herschel joined George Noory to give his theories on Mars and ancient secrets. He wasn't the most exciting guest, but I still thought it was rather rude of Noory to bring Richard C. Hoagland on to confirm and deny various things Herschel has said. Hoagie was quite obnoxious in the way he talked down to Herschel because his theories did not completely agree with Hoagie's own. Apparently being the c2c "science adviser" has gone to Hoagie's head.
Tuesday - The guest was Rosemary Guiley. She talked about ghosts mostly, but also other things such as demons and angels. As many know I am not a big ghost show fan, but Rosemary was a fairly entertaining guest nonetheless.
Wednesday - It was the Bilderberg roundtable with guests Jim Marrs, Alex Jones and Daniel Estulin. I found this show to be both very entertaining and very irritating. AJ irritated me by continually interrupting Jim Marrs. This did not seem to bother Marrs, but it did me because I was actually interested in what Marrs had to say. It is not that I am not interested in what AJ has to say, but he should let others talk as well. Still, this was one of the best shows on c2c in quite a while.
Thursday - First hour was one of my favorite guests, Steven Quayle. He was not talking about my favorite subjects of giants or fallen angels, but he had much to say about the Supreme Court ruling of "no knock" police searches. I am as disgusted with this ruling as Quayle is, so I agreed with everything he said. I probably will have more to say about that sometime soon. The full show guest was Charles Seife to talk about the cosmos. I could not stay up for that after having got up at 6 am Thursday morning.
Friday - "Teacher" Sri Ram Kaa and "Oracle" Kira Raa were the guest for the first part of the show. Kira Raa was a channeler of some sort. I do not believe in channeling and could not tolerate listening to these two even though I tried, though it is possible that had I been more "awake" that I would have found them entertaining in a nutty way. I am sure open lines followed, but I never tune in for that.
Saturday -
c2c live - Ian Punnett was finally back live on his own show. His guest was Dr. Wayne Dyer, who from the small amount I heard he seemed to be talking about positive thinking. I am a big believer in positive thinking so probably I would have liked this show had I heard more of it.
c2c am - Art Bell was back live from the Philippines! The first hour he filled us in on how things work there, which I found probably more interesting than the rest of the show with Russel Targ. As many of you know I am not a remote viewing believer, but I have to say that Targ was a way more interesting guest than Ed Dames or Sean David Morton. Things didn't go perfect with the technicalities of being live from the Philippines, but it went much better than I had expected. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to Art Bell!

My favorite show of the week was easily the Wednesday night Bilderberg roundtable.

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