Sunday, July 16, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Rebroadcast
Monday - Noory hosted Brother Michael Dimond. I think Noory ended up as shocked as I was about Dimond's unrelenting judgementalism. If what Dimond said was true, he may end up going to heaven, but I doubt anyone else will. If Dimond somehow thought he would make a lot of converts with his holier than thou style I would imagine that he will be quite disappointed. I also will imagine that Noory never asks him to return to c2c, as I don't believe Noory knew exactly what he was in for.
Tuesday - Pamela Heath was the guest, psychkinesis was the topic. Pamela like Dimond also warned against suicide, but she didn't damn people to hell. As I said at, I am not really a believer in such things, but with all the suicidal people calling in I hope they believed enough that she helped them somehow.
Wednesday - Noory's guest was Bernard Haisch. He was talking about science and spirituality. Most of what went on during this show seems to have slipped from my mind now. I do remember that Louis Turi was on the first hour giving out dire predictions along with hyping his my space page. For some reason he thought the picture of him with B actor (or maybe c or d actor) Gary Busey would impress people.
Thursday - During the first hour Noory told us about a new c2c TV show being developed with Sci/fi channel. I am not sure about c2c TV, but we will see what happens with that. Then it was one of my most favorite guests Lionel Fanthorpe! As he and Noory were talking about time rips or slips I kept waiting for Noory to ask him if dinosaurs might slip through one and still roam the earth. Sadly he didn't ask that. As always Lionel had many great stories to tell including seeing a ghost or something like that in the catacombs in Rome. We had to hear some stories we had heard before like spring heel Jack, but Lionel is such a good storyteller that I really didn't mind hearing them again.
Friday - R. Gary Patterson was the guest for the first hour. I enjoy Patterson so that was cool, but I skipped out as always on the open line portion.
Saturday -
c2c live - Ian Punnett finally returned to his own show. First hour Linda Godfrey stopped by to chat, she is always fun when on with Ian. John Rhodes was Ian's guest and they talked about Reptoids. It was a fun and interesting show. Linda returned to tell her lizard man story and Mark Hall stopped by for a while too. Only Loren Coleman was missing to keep it from being a cryptozoological extravaganza!
c2c am - Ross Mitchell hosted for the still missing Art Bell this time around. Charles R. Smith was his guest and they disscussed new weapons. Not my favorite subject, but Smith always has a few cool tales to keep my interest.

No trouble deciding this week, my favorite show was Thursday with Lionel Fanthorpe.

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