Sunday, August 13, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art Bell's guest was Howard Bloom to talk about Aerospace. I didn't get to hear much of this so I don't feel qualified to comment.
Monday - Noory's guest was Robert Sarmast and the subject was Atlantis. You can't really go wrong with Atlantis which is a solid c2c subject. Sarmast wasn't the most charismatic guy, but he had some interesting theories and it made for a good show. Richard C. Hoagland felt the need to call in at one point, but I am still not sure why.
Tuesday - Jerome Corsi was on first hour to spead the fear. If you feel you have heard from Corsi too much as is, get prepared to hear more now that he wrote that suck up article about Noory being a freedom fighter. Nick Begich was the full show guest. I tried to listen to Nick and although I am sure he eventually got to some new interesting stuff, I was just not willing to listen to everything I have heard before to get to that point.
Wednesday - Douglas Hagmann stopped by the first hour to spread any of the fear that Corsi may have left out on Tuesday. The rest of the show was open lines. I don't listen to open lines, but I did happen to be lucky enough to walk into the room with the radio when JC called. Edna Pringle had sent JC a letter. She explained that she had enjoyed spending every bit of the Lord's $10,000 with the biker (Blade) that she had left JC for. Apparently she had become tired of Blade as well and had now moved on to a trucker. JC, now realizing that Edna will never return is looking for a new disciple. You must be female and good looking to be a JC disciple. If for some strange reason you are a lady who fits that description and are interested in being a JC disciple you can email JC at
Thursday - Peter Lance showed up the first hour to comment on the recent London terrorist arrests. As normal with Lance I had no idea what he was trying to say. Former PLO member Walid Shoebat was the guest for the rest of the show. Shoebat turned out to be incredibly interesting. He told all about how life is growing up in Palenstine, but it probably wasn't what most had expected. He also said the war in Iraq is a big mistake, but not for the reasons that most antiwar people would state. Although, I may not have agreed with him on everything I find it hard to argue any points since in reality he should know far more about such things than I do.
Friday - Ian Punnett filled in for Noory. I thought that was awesome all by itself! The show was mainly open lines, but Ian did have a visit from Andrew Colarik to discuss security. Just as I thought, most of this crap they push on us for security doesn't help in the least. Ian did mention the email I sent him proving that he was the antichrist and he didn't deny that it was true.
Saturday -
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Ian's guest was "Simon." Simon who will not give his real name and used one of those toys to change his voice, claims to have inside info on the Necronomicon. For those of you who are unfamiliar with HP Lovecraft, the Necronomicon is an ancient book which is full of spells and ancient tales. So the Necronomicon is a work of Lovecraft fiction, but Simon insists it is real. I know in Peter Levenda's book "The Nine" he suggests that various Lovecraft tales have basis in truth, but I would need proof that the Necronomicon does. Once again, Ian mentioned that he is the antichrist, according to the email I sent him. I wonder if this will continue like the Noory Starchild test and everytime someone mentions the antichrist Ian will have to mention my email? That would be awesome!
c2c am with Art Bell - All seems well in Manilla and with Art. Art apparently just became aware of Morgellons disease, is he behind on stuff or what? His guest was one time comic book guy turned theoretical physicist, Neal Adams. No, Adams doesn't have any science background, but he does have a theory that the earth is growing. Make of that what you will.

I was too disgusted with Noory last week to have a favorite show, but this week I will give the honor to Thursday night with Walid Shoebat.


Anonymous said...

I vote for you, Binnall or perhaps Alfred to host C to C. In place of Hoagland, you can bring me on.

LesleyinNM said...

I could only do that if I never had to hear the show after it was done. I hate hearing myself on tape.
You would be a much better guest than Hoagland.

nolocontendere said...

Ian the antichrist?

LesleyinNM said...

According to this
You can enter any name and it tells you whether or not it mathematically equals 666.