Sunday, September 03, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Thanks to unexpected open lines on Saturday, Art gave us 3 hours of Whitley Strieber. During this, Art was like the old Art I remember. He loudly proclaimed the existence of the visitors and also asked some really great questions. Whitley was Whitley, entirely fascinating. A few things were repeated from last weeks interview with Noory, but there was tons of different stuff to get you thinking. Mostly it was great to hear Art and Whitley together again, it was like the old Dreamland days. At one point during this, it seemed as though Whitley was reading my mind, answering questions that nobody asked that were in my head, which I thought was pretty cool.
Monday - Alexandra Robbins was the guest. She spent a couple minutes on an update of the skull and bones and then moved onto her new book The Overachievers. Not a normal c2c subject, but not bad. I may have to buy the book for my sister, who is a teacher, I think she would find it really interesting. We got to hear a lot of Noory stories during this. Some were his memories of High School, but my favorite was how he passed college Spanish by helping the injured professor to his car and buying him margaritas. I will admit I felt quite old hearing Alexandra tell of the "overachievers" because when I was in HS you would have been considered a total geek if you acted in the way she described students acting. I am not sure if I am better off for that or not.
Tuesday - Noory's guest was Tim O'Brien, they talked about Robert Ripley and Ripley's believe it or not. O'Brien was very interesting and entertaining. He had great stories like the one about Ripley having a heart attack on live TV and then dying, believe it or not. They also welcomed some of the people who are either in one of the Ripley books or hoping to be in one. Noory uttered what had to be a classic Noory line when he said "Those are some strange oddities." That cracked me up for some reason.
Wednesday - Deborah Blum was the guest to discuss her new book and ghosts. I enjoyed this show because it wasn't the typical ghost show, it was more about the spiritual movement and research being done during the Victorian Era. Noory also made Blum critique caller stories the final hour, it was a little like Art Bell's truth or trash shows except only Blum got to comment.
Thursday - I have not yet got to listen to this show. I heard about the last 5 minutes of Linda Moulton Howe and probably the first 30 minutes of Pat Buchanan. Linda sounded like she had some inside info on the Illinois crop circle. Buchanan sounded promising, not that I really like him, but it still seems as though he was entertaining. I hope to get to listen to entire show over the weekend sometime.
Friday - I understand there was a guest or two the first hour, but I don't normally listen to Friday night open line shows, unless I am incredibly bored, so I didn't hear any of it.
Saturday -
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Ian's guest was Colin Beavan who was suppose to be talking about shadow warfare. Sadly, I missed all of Ian as I was at the Kiva Auditorium listening to Bill Maher read "The purpose driven life." I will probably listen later in the week since I always like Ian's show.
c2c am with Art Bell - Art's guest was Will Henry. Most of you know by now that I don't care much for Henry. This was a typical Henry show as far as I could tell, him spewing historical inaccuracies. Then again, I didn't make it past the first hour. Art did question him slightly, but not enough for my taste. I would like someone to actually ask him where he got certain information instead of just assuming it was from a reputable source. I don't mean to be too hard on him, I use to find him somewhat entertaining, but after all the Dreamland shows he has done I am just completely bored with him.

A coast to coast rewind first - for two weeks in a row Whitley Strieber was my favorite guest.


nolocontendere said...

I continue to enjoy Ian more than the other two these days, although it did bring back memories of better shows when Art had Whitley on.

LesleyinNM said...

I agree. Ian is my favorite right now. He doesn't pretend to be a know it all (most of the time) and he is just plain fun.