Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Richard Dolan is my hero!

The Noory interview of Dolan just ended and it was awesome! At one point Noory returned to his bashing of Greer and praised Seth Shostak as being truthful in his opinion. Dolan shut Noory down, sticking up for Greer and then saying he had no trust for Shostak. Noory then tried to move on and bash Steven Bassett and Dolan didn't go for that either. Dolan explained to Noory that people cannot just reveal their sources, something you would think Noory would know. Although I thought Noory was rather rude to Dolan at times by trying to insist on proof for everything, Dolan handled it well and came out the winner of the Noory secrecy debate. Noory had said that he didn't believe people can keep secrets and that ufo information should have leaked out all over by now. Dolan explained that it had leaked out everywhere and Noory had to agree that there were people leaking information. Great show and I highly recommend it. Normally I would say all this in c2c rewind, but I couldn't wait. Probably I will repeat this there on Sunday.
Why is Noory so hostile to ufo guests lately? He isn't that way with guests who talk about ghosts, channeling, remote viewing or anything else.


Anonymous said...

I have met with Dr. Greer on a couple of occasions. IMHO, he is a man of honesty and integrity.

Alfred Lehmberg said...

Great report on the Dolan program, L.! Round, firm, and fully packed like an old Lucky Strike before they started adding chemicals and extra nicotine! LOL!

Sincerely... wonderful reporting... and yeah... what's up with George Noory? Even if a little stodgy I'd like to have thought he was straight. His column in this month's UFOM doesn't reflect his seemingly new bias...
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Anonymous said...

It was a great show. Noory seems frustrated that the hard UFO evidence hasn't come across his desk yet. Reminded me of the Mike Seagal days. The Shuttle updates where he interrupted Dolan were unnecessary, and could have waited, since it was really a non-story.

LesleyinNM said...

Thanks Alfred! Noory's new bias is a mystery. Maybe he is trying to please the skeptics, but why doesn't he do that with other topics too?

Yes, I forgot to mention the Hoagie shuttle updates. Why? If I wanted to know that I would only have to check the news, I don't need Hoagie doing it for me. I thought it was rude to let Hoagie interrupt someone's interview with info that wasn't really important.