Sunday, October 08, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art Bell's guest was Roger Tolces. The show was about surveillance and frankly Art was pissing me off. He is totally sheep like, willing to let the government do whatever they want because he believes their propaganda. Really I was so disgusted with Art that I couldn't continue to listen to the show after the first hour.
Monday - The guest was Dr. Jim Hardt talking about bio feedback and spiritual states. I totally missed this one and it seems to have got mixed reviews in other places so I think I will skip it altogether.
Tuesday - Russell Targ was the guest. The first hour he talked about the early remote viewing program and that was somewhat interesting, as is well known, I am not a big RV believer. The "end of suffering" subject that was discussed for the rest of the show I found incredibly boring. I suppose newbies to the esoteric realm could have found it enjoyable, but it was really just a rehash of spiritual concepts known for eons.
Wednesday - Jerome Corsi was the full show guest. I am not a Corsi fan, but I did listen to the first couple hours, during which he spoke about terrorism and Iran. I didn't hear anything new from him that hadn't been covered in his frequent one hour pop ins.
Thursday - Ron Quinn showed up to tell us all about "the little people." I enjoyed this show a lot. Noory asked those silly, but meant to sound important questions like "what do the little people wear and what is it made from?" Personally I was just happy to know there is another person around who believes in the little people and maybe even the entire fairy realm. Fairies are to overlooked these days and eventually they will be angered by that and rebel. It is far from the days when people use to bake them cakes and put them out on the porch with some milk as a fairy offering.
Friday - First hour was UFO watchdog Royce Myers. I have mixed feelings about Royce, some of the stuff he does I agree with, like going after Sean David Morton and his totally false "hit record," other stuff I feel is aimed at people who were well meaning and were just taken in by a hoax and became part of it. No matter. Noory promised us a skeptics cage with Myers sometime in the future and I am just hoping and praying it is with SDM. That would be entertaining radio!
c2c live with Ian Punnett - It was my sister's birthday party and I totally missed Ian and guest Kenneth Sewell, who was suppose to be talking about Intelligence Files. Not to worry, I still love Ian and I am sure I will get around to listening to this show in the near future.
c2c am with Art Bell - Exciting news from Art, Airyn is pregnant with a baby Bell! Art's parts still work! I am hoping for a girl and so is Art. Art's guest was Jeffrey Wands and the subject was the spirit world. I didn't get to hear all of the show, but what I heard was much better than I had expected. Art seemed to want to know the cause of misfortune and Wands tried to give him an answer, but who knows if it was the right one? We all would like an answer to that one and yet we never trust anyone who thinks they know the answer.

This was not a week full of great guests like last week, but I did have a favorite and it was Thursday with Ron Quinn. Click on the article link right below this post for more about Quinn.


Anonymous said...

I have gotta agree, Friday was the best show this week. I like Ron Quinn but was not anything special. Corsi just pisses me off, I don't tottally understand why he is even on coast. He is just a run of the mill conservative.

LesleyinNM said...

For me Friday didn't qualify. Royce was great, but he wasn't there for the entire show and I HATE open lines. Corsi pisses me off too.

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