Sunday, March 04, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Another stunning show with Art Bell and Jim Sparks. Sparks recounted many of his abduction experiences, including how he was taught their language and how they apparently removed a cancerous tumor from his lung. I can't imagine anyone not finding Sparks interesting and entertaining, even if they didn't believe what he was saying.
Monday - It was a special on the lost tomb of Jesus. Guests were Mike Heiser, Darrell Bock, Glenn Kimball and William Henry. I consider this whole subject to be a non-issue. There is no way without DNA from Jesus that you can prove this was Jesus' tomb. All the guests agreed that it is unlikely that it is the tomb of Jesus. One of my favorite parts was when a caller yelled at Noory for not presenting both sides and Noory informed him that he couldn't find a guest willingly to take the other side.
Tuesday - Red Elk was the guest in what he claims will be his final public appearance. I enjoyed Red Elk a lot. He talked about Mel's hole, Thunderbirds and Lizard Men, all of which he claims to have personal experiences with. I didn't find the doom and gloom part as interesting as we have heard similar things from dozens of guests, but the first part of the interview was extremely entertaining.
Wednesday - Joe Montaldo talked about alien abduction cases. I don't remember ever having heard Montaldo before, which is a shame because he was a great guest. I found his theories about humans that work for the Greys as "the keepers" to be fascinating. He also had some interesting ideas about the Betty and Barney Hill case. I hope to hear more from Montaldo in the future.
Thursday - Christopher Moon, founder of Haunted Times Magazine was there to discuss "Frank's Box," which he claims is like a telephone to communicate with the spirits. He talked about conversations he claims to have had with Thomas Edison and others. While it sounds rather crazy, it made for a very entertaining show. I had expected to hate it, but it was too interesting and fun.
Friday - Richard Hoagland was there the first hour to discuss Saturn and other space related topics. Ian Punnett popped in for a few minutes to try to explain that he never meant to offend Red Elk, which was funny. From what Ian said he had told Red Elk that he might be visiting the area and if he did he would like to meet Red Elk. Ian never made it out there and Red Elk apparently felt stood up by Ian. The rest of the show was open lines and not worth commenting about.
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Ian got all conspiratorial on us! Forensic economist David Hawkins was his guest, along with a pilot from a major airlines, Field McConnell
(I didn't catch if that was his real name or an alias). I have listened to a lot of 911 related guests and I thought this show was one of the best I have heard. While I didn't agree with Hawkins that 911 was contrived as nothing more than an insurance scam, it wouldn't surprise me that those people were also in on it to get their slice of the 911 pie. Hawkins had a lot of really interesting information even if you don't entirely believe his conclusions. Ian asked great questions too.
c2c am with Art Bell - Art's first hour guest was Whitley Strieber. They discussed the current ufo flap along with Iran. A really great first hour. The full show guest was Nick Pope and although I am sure this was a great interview, I skipped it, because I just listened to an interview with Nick Pope on a different show last week.

I really don't think I can pick a favorite show from last week. Normally when I say that it is because there were none that I truly liked, but last week was great and I really liked almost every show and really can't pick a favorite.


Anonymous said...

this show was boring i mean getting a headache boring
no ne of these guest had any sweet factor to it red elk was the high light of the week
here should be on coast to coast am
ufo phil
rlee ermey
demitri the devil channler
red elk

LesleyinNM said...

We have a few things we agree upon, like no Dames or Morton. I would say very limited Hoagie, once a month max. So far as your list of who should be on, I like JC and Red Elk.

Remember internet radio is wide open, anyone can have their own show on blog talk radio. As my Granny always said "if you want something done the way you want it done, do it yourself." DIY, always good advice because nobody is going to change to fit your wants and needs. Not to mention that I don't think your guest list would be pleasing to most c2c listeners.

Anonymous said...

oh come on lesley coast to coast listenrs would love this line up
maybe not binall but everybody else
would plus more morgus would just fine

Anonymous said...

did george & morgus get into a fight because what heard morgus is
mad at george