Monday, April 30, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind - the abbreviated version

I didn't do a real c2c rewind this week, but I did listen. There were a few really great shows that I wanted to mention:

Monday with guest Loren Coleman was awesome! Loren is always one of my very favorite guests. I missed some of this and there is no word on whether Noory once again asked if dinosaurs still roam the earth. As Binnall mentioned in the Binnall Report, it is strange that Noory asked nothing about the VT shootings since Loren is also an expert on copycat crimes. An all around great Crypto show though.

In the same week, c2c also had on another one of my favorites (and probably everyone else too) Ufologist, Stanton Friedman. Stanton talked about the new book he has coming out on the Betty and Barney Hill story, Frank Feschino's book "Shoot Them Down" and no Stanton show would be complete without some Roswell mentions. It is always so nice to hear Stanton on c2c!

Ian Punnett turned out another awesome show on Saturday. His guest was Saint John Hunt, son of convicted Watergate criminal, E. Howard Hunt. He shared an audio tape of his father explaining how and who had assassinated Kennedy. A totally riveting show and one that anyone interested in the Kennedy assassination conspiracy should listen to.

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