Monday, April 23, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - David Sereda was Art's guest and this was a pretty great ufo show. David told us the story of 73 year old Boyd Bushman who was a Lockheed Senior Research Scientist for 20 years. Bushman had reverse engineered alien technology. Sereda also discussed the possibility that the Roswell crafts were shot out of the air by us, using some sort of Tesla death ray.
Monday - Holy mother of Noory! It was a 7 hour c2c special on the Virginia Tech shootings. This show really did nothing for me. After having to see that on the regular news all day I was disappointed to find that c2c would spend 7 hours on this topic. There wasn't even anything known at the time, other than many people had died. Pretty dull except for Noory's childhood story of threatening to drown a bully if he didn't stop picking on people.
Tuesday - Noory's guest was psychic Maureen Coudill. Even though I normally don't like psychic related shows, I do always try to listen. I tried this time and it just seemed dull and that I could find a better way to spend my time.
Wednesday - Harry Helm was there to talk about secret government facilities. Helm was not into the whole secret alien base type thing and because of that this show was not as good as I had hoped it would be. That said, Helm's sounded to have a very useful book that gives directions to all the secret bases that he knows of and I will probably shell out some cash for that. It sounds like a fun road trip to take, now if I could just find someone to do the driving.
Thursday - It was one of my very favorite guests, Lionel Fanthorpe! The main topic, if there was one, was time slips. Fanthorpe told several interesting stories about time slips. However, I found myself a bit bored at times and it was completely George Noory's fault. Fanthorpe has written dozens of books and Noory always asks about the same stories, like Spring Heel Jack. Fanthorpe has a new book about the Masons that Noory could have asked about, but didn't. I have at least 6 of Fanthorpe's books and each one has dozens of stories that you will never hear mentioned on c2c.
Friday - Art filled in for George. His first hour guest was Evelyn Paglini. Ms. Paglini was scaring the heck out of me! Not her actual predictions, but rather the way she said them. Her voice kept getting loud and even more scratchy than normal, it was totally creepy or maybe I just hadn't had enough sleep. Art finished out the next 3 hours with open lines.
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Ian's guest was a man who claimed to be the Lindberg baby, Charles Lindberg Jr. I had my doubts going into this show, but the guy was really convincing. He even had DNA samples compared to one of the Lindberg daughters and according to the results they share the same mother. The Lindberg's won't settle this mystery once and for all by giving some DNA from a male relative, maybe they don't want to share their fortune or maybe they don't want people knowing exactly how twisted their father was. Ian asked fantasic questions and I really enjoyed this show.
c2c am with Art Bell - Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Dr. Janna Levin, was Art's guest. I didn't listen to a whole lot of this show, but I did catch parts that sounded pretty interesting and I listened enough to know that Dr. Levin was not a big believer in ufos and aliens.

I am having a hard time picking a favorite from last week. I really enjoyed David Sereda last Sunday and also the Lindberg baby guy on Saturday. I think I will leave it as a tie.

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