Monday, May 28, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

I just can't seem to get with it this weekend. I totally spaced out on c2c rewind on Saturday, thinking that it was Friday and then as I sat down to write it just now I realized that missed or skipped quite a lot of shows last week.
Sunday - I only heard about the last hour of this show with Tom Horn. It sounded like an interesting show, he was discussing Stargates and the Iraqi war.
Monday - I totally missed this show, but the guest was Jeff Danelek and he was talking about reincarnation.
Tuesday - I really wanted to listen to this show, but again I missed most of it except the last hour. Research scientist Clifford Carnicom was discussing chemtrails. What I did hear of this show sounded really good and I hope to get around to listening to the entire thing soon.
Wednesday - It was a special ghost show and Noory had 3 different guests, each on for an hour. First was Leslie Rule, I heard some of her interview and enjoyed it. I totally missed the second guest Mary Ann Winkowski, I believe she is the lady that the series "Ghost Whisperer" is based on, so I am sure many people enjoyed that. I got to hear the entire final hour with Joshua P. Warren. As always Warren was interesting and hopefully some day I will get to check out the paranormal PC, it sounds way cool.
Thursday - I heard the last two hours or so of this show with Bill Sweet. Sweet discussed consciousness and prayer, but the part of the interview I found really interesting was the discussion of the suicides Bruce and John Klingbeil, the founders of Spindrift Research. Sweet made it sound like some sort of mind control conspiracy.
Friday - Linda Moulton Howe was there for the first two hours and she had lots of cool stuff to talk about. First hour she mostly talked about some new cattle mutilations here in NM and other places. The second hour she talked about Chad's strange aerial object and that it may be a drone, the bees and she she took calls.
c2c live with Ian Punnett - A rebroadcast of one of my favorite Ian shows with guest Phil Carlo, who talked about serial killer, the Iceman (Richard Kuklinski).
c2c am with Art Bell - Another global warming show with Art Bell and Professor Peter Ward. Al Gore all over the TV every day. I GET IT ALREADY! There is global warming, now can Art Bell please leave it for the mainstream media?

Friday with LMH was my favorite show of the ones I heard.

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