Sunday, June 24, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

Wednesday the full show guests were Richard C. Hoagland, David Livingston and Rick Sterling. This was basically a roundtable about why NASA sucks. Personally, although I enjoyed the show, I would have rather heard about robot heads on the moon. Funny, I listened to the entire show and the only thing I remember RCH saying of why NASA sucks is that the young people have no interest in it because they only care about their Ipods and nose rings. What planet does Hoagie live on? Nose piercings haven't been really popular in years, it is navel rings and more private areas that get the attention now. Nose piercings are so old school that I have one. One of my favorite parts was when Noory asked some really stupid and outlandish question and someone, I think Sterling, told him that he should be a science fiction writer.

Thursday was all Roswell with Jesse Marcel Jr. and Stanton Friedman. This show had it's good and bad points. I would say the bad points were all the going over of Roswell history that everyone, even people who aren't big into ufology, already know. I suppose in a way that is necessary, but I have a feeling it was done more to take up time. There was some talk about the Walter Haut confession which was interesting and it was nice to hear Jesse tell some more personal things that haven't been in History Channel specials and such. Stanton is always worth listening to and all and all this was an enjoyable show.

Saturday on c2c live, Ian Punnett pulled off what may have been one of his best shows ever with guest David Talbot. David Talbot has a new book out called Brothers: The hidden history of the Kennedy years.
Before we even get to Talbot I want to repeat something Ian Punnett said, Ian was having a hard time understanding why the big news channels weren't picking up on the E. Howard Hunt story that he has been reporting. According to Ian, he was told by someone he knows within CNN that they will never run that story because there are former LBJ associates in high places at CNN that won't let that happen. I would assume it may be the same at MSNBC and FOX. Ian also made an interesting and thoughtful comment about how the US is pretty close to being a banana republic.
Talbot told of Bobby Kennedy's search for the truth about his brother's assassination. Apparently what Bobby found out gels pretty well with the E. Howard Hunt confession. Bobby had planned to reopen the investigation when he became President. As we all know, that never happened because he was conveniently murdered, being shot from behind, even though everyone there recalls Sirhan Sirhan standing in front of him.
Without a doubt this was my favorite show of the week and I highly recommend it.

There are a few upcoming shows that look promising: Monday, Ann Druffel will be there to talk about alien abductions. Thursday, Linda Moulton Howe will be there first hour and Mike Heiser will be talking about the bible and ufos for the rest of the show. Saturday on Ian's show, the guest is suppose to be Phillip Gardiner (it isn't posted yet, so it could change), he will be talking about the dark truth of secret societies.


Ross said...

I really don't think it can be said enough. Ian has been consistently putting out some really great shows full of extremely fascinating information.

He really is single handedly keeping the E. Howard Hunt story alive by continuing to talk about it and really I think that is great. I am right now reading a couple of books on JFK and RFK and the more I read the easier it is to just on your own put the dots together that the CIA had a hand in at least JFK's death.....

Great recap Lesley!


LesleyinNM said...

Thanks Ross!

Greg Todd said...

Thanks for the update. I'm really, really behind on listening to my C2C podcasts on my daily walks.