Sunday, July 08, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

What a week in c2c history! To start off the new week on Sunday, Art Bell, announced he is retiring once again. That really wasn't a big shock to me, but then we were all left wondering who would fill those slots. As it turns out, c2c live was canceled and Ian was moved to the Saturday night c2c am show instead. I wasn't happy about that news and it didn't really make sense to me because Ian's show seemed to be doing well and picking up many new affiliates. We also ended up with Noory hosting an extra night each month, it is the first Sunday of each month for those who wish to avoid it. Guest hosts and rebroadcasts the other Sundays.

None of Noory's week night shows appealed to me, except the Friday live from Roswell show. I tuned into this expecting to hear a UFO related show, since it was LIVE FROM ROSWELL, but that isn't really what I got. Somehow we ended up with Hoagland as cohost, strange, but whatever. The first guests up were Stanton Friedman and Jesse Marcel, even though they had just been on a couple weeks ago, but since it is Roswell and Stanton is the best known Roswell researcher I was OK with that.
So called psychic Louis Turi showed up next. What was he even doing in Roswell? I think I would remember if I saw him listed as a guest speaker or anything and he wasn't. I could tell that he had many predictions he wanted to give, but luckily he only was there for about 15 minutes.
Turi was replaced with the guy who is putting together the Roswell theme park. I suppose at least that was something that had to do with Roswell, but it wasn't part of the Ufology show that I had hoped for.
Just when I think things can't get any worse the Hollywood people show up.
Dean Haglund and Chase Masterson are there for a full 30 minutes, with Noory and Hoagland taking turns kissing their butts. Especially Chase because she is pretty and has big boobs. Suddenly things get bizarre beyond even what I can imagine as Chase sings Fever. Not just a verse or so, but the ENTIRE FRIGGIN' SONG!!! What did that have to do with ufos? If I wanted that type of entertainment I could download Madonna or dozens of others who have covered Fever.
A breath of fresh air! Jordan Maxwell shows up! I didn't know Jordan would be in Roswell. I wait to hear his take on the Roswell crash, but instead I get Noory asking him about Ouija boards. Huh?
Then Jordan is gone, after only a few minutes and replaced by Dr. Leir. At least they are once again talking about things relating to ufos. Leir is shooed off in a few minutes too and thankfully replaced by Richard Dolan. Noory lets Hoagland interview Dolan. Hoagland spends most of that time trying to get Dolan to admit that the powers that be are slowly bringing about disclosure. Dolan won't agree, he doesn't agree, like me he thinks they will ever only do that if they are forced to by some large event that they can't cover up. Hoagland is talking to Dolan about NASA numerology and how Haut statement is part of that because it was released 60 years after the event. Dolan isn't buying it, he asks Hoagland if he thinks Haut had control of when he died. Hoagland believes that would have been released whether or not Haut had died. Hoagland's questions easily took up 75% of Dolan's time. Silly and funny and the best interview of the entire show in my opinion.
Stephen Bassett was the next guest. Hoagland probably liked him a lot better since he doesn't agree with Dolan about disclosure. Bassett was interesting, even though I may not agree with all he says and at least they were still talking about ufos and aliens.
Rosemary Ellen Guiley was the next guests and although I like her and even have one of her books, I didn't think the talk of shadow people was at all what I wanted to hear on the live from Roswell show, or really ever.
The last hour was not even live. It was a rebroadcast of Noory's interview with Travis Walton, but at least it was about ufos and aliens.
Some thought Noory was drunk during the entire show. I don't know about that, but I sure could have used a drink or two or so on. The upside of this lousy show was that I felt so much better about deciding not to make the long drive to Roswell.

Saturday -- His own show being canceled, Ian Punnett returned to c2c am once again. Ian said he is happy to be a seat warmer for Bell, or something to that effect. Ian, you are much more than a seat warmer, you are the best thing about c2c and many of us love you! So don't you forget it!
Ian's first hour guest, Andrew Keen, was a total nut. He believes we need to control the internet because it is destroying the mass media. Needless to say I didn't like Keen and I don't think Ian did either, but he was polite to him anyway.
The full show guest was one of my very favorite people, Jim Marrs! Ian has really been getting into the conspiracy topics lately and he did a great job interviewing Marrs. He was just the right amount of skeptical, where he wasn't an asshole and still asked the questions that someone who knows little about the North American Union or a 911 conspiracy would want to have answered. Marrs did a great job answering too. I like to think Ian had him on at my request, because I wrote in Grey Matter a couple weeks ago that I would like to hear him do a full show with Marrs. I know people sent him that and I thank him for having Marrs for the full show, even if it wasn't really done just for me.

A couple shows look interesting in the upcoming week -- John Rhodes will be there on Monday night, talking about Reptoids and Mike Heiser will be there on Thursday to talk about aliens and the bible. I am sure whoever Ian ends up having on Saturday night will be interesting too!

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