Sunday, July 29, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

Of all the embarrassing fiascoes to have taken place on c2c, last Wednesday's Ouija Board Special takes the grand prize. After months of hype that resulted in at least one death (according to Noory), nothing happened. When I say nothing happened I don't mean they got out the Ouija Board and got no result, I mean they didn't even try the Ouija Board. It was obvious to me that Jordan Maxwell was invited on the show to talk Noory out of it, even though I don't believe Noory ever planned to do it. More about that in Grey Matters on Tuesday.

Ian had a smorgasbord of guests last night. After he finished being outraged over Pat Tillman, his first guest was Dennis Cole with a pretty interesting Illinois ghost story. Next was c2c favorite R. Gary Patterson who talked about a new book on the death of Jim Morrison. After that, Todd Standing returned to discuss his efforts to make Bigfoot a protected species. The show finished up with Bigfoot researcher, Autumn Williams. I enjoyed hearing from Williams. Although, I know who she is and have heard her interviewed before it has been a long while.

The week ahead looks quite a bit better than last, at least on paper. John Lear will return to the show on Monday. Tuesday will be a discussion of Hallucinogenic Substances with Dr. Charles Grob and Dr. Marilyn Schiltz. Wednesday Stanton Friedman will debate Michael Shermer. Who knows what surprises may be in store for the weekend? I will make a prediction that at least part of Punnett's show will be a guest discussing the Pat Tillman murder.


nolocontendere said...

Ian Punnet remains the best on C2C and last night proved it. I appreciated his outrage about Tillman and I hope he follows up on it.
With a program like C2C devoted to arcane subjects, it's impossible to shy away from conspiracies, yet Art Bell turned his back on them and Noory fails miserably to explore them.
Looking forward to John Lear again, he's always good.

LesleyinNM said...

Ian rocks!