Saturday, September 22, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

Finally a week with a few shows that were worth writing about!

On Sunday night, George Knapp returned to host the show with guest Joseph Farrell. I am a big fan of Farrell and enjoyed the show a lot. Since I have read all his books I didn't really learn anything new about Nazi technology or the other subjects discussed, but it was still cool to hear him on c2c and especially with George Knapp. First hour before Farrell arrived, Knapp went into a Dan Burisch bashing tirade that was pretty darn funny. He also commented on the OJ Simpson arrest and other fun stuff. A enjoyable show all the way through.

Monday night was the BIG show with guest Dr. Jacques Vallee. I really enjoyed the first hour or so where Vallee talked mostly about ufology. It is a shame ufology has gone so long without his valuable insights and I hope that this show means that he is somewhat back from retirement. To give Noory some credit for a change - he actually let Vallee talk without constantly interrupting with another question like he normally does with guests. The second half of the show Noory and Vallee were joined by remote viewer Paul Smith. I really would have liked the show better without the topic almost totally being remote viewing for the second half. Hearing Ed Dames and Sean David Morton on c2c frequently has really soured me on that topic. I don't know if that was some deal c2c had to make to get Vallee on the show, but I certainly hope so because when Vallee is your guest you don't need another.

Thursday night one of my favorite c2c guests returned, Phil Carlo. Carlo isn't the least bit esoteric and talks about serial killers, but he is still a darn interesting.

There are a couple shows that could be a surprise next week and could end up being enjoyable. Robert Moss will be there to talk about multi dimensions. Lawrence Krauss on hidden realities, which kind of sounds like a continuation of the multi dimension show. Also, Linda Moulton Howe will be there to talk about the Peru meteorite on Wednesday. That is not Linda's normal Friday and since she is the only guest listed (at least right now), I assume she will be there for the entire show. So maybe I will have a c2c rewind for 2 weeks in a row!

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