Sunday, November 04, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

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I was totally uninspired by any c2c guest last week so I didn't listen. I did happen to listen to open lines for the final hour on Friday while I was updating blogs and catching up on other computer stuff. Lucky for me it doesn't require much listening to hear Noory say something totally ridiculous. So bizarre was his request and the fact that someone accommodated him that I really probably didn't need to add anything in, but I enjoy playing with my sound files, so I did anyhow. This week the audio is a mix of what I call Naturally Noory and a Rupert Award contender as well.

I am praying to the radio Gods that next Thursdays c2c with Sean David Morton will be the funniest SDM episode ever! Aside from the pure silliness and stupidity of Morton there are a couple of promising sounding shows, like Monday with Budd Hopkins talking about alien abduction, Tuesday with Daniel Estulin on the Bilderbergers and James Fox of Out of the Blue fame on Wednesday.

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