Sunday, November 18, 2007

Coast to Coast Rewind

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Let's see, Monday was Dr. Goldberg who I normally find pretty entertaining, but I didn't get to listen to very much this time.

Tuesday was James Casbolt. I did audio for those who missed it, so you would get an idea of the festival of fun that you missed, with a little help from Kiefer Sutherland and 24. The problem doing the audio was trying to pick out the most unbelievable or funny parts because the entire show was that way. I can imagine all the so called serious researchers could go on endlessly about how bad this show was, but myself, who often enjoys fun as much as the serious found the show totally enjoyable. Mind you, if Casbolt ever became like Dames or Sean David Morton where he was on often, he would become as boring and irritating as they are.

I listened to just enough of Vatican Astronomer, Brother Guy Consolmagno, to hear Noory explain the big bang theory as he understands it and be wrong. That is also in audio because it was damn funny.

Thursday was the secret door and surprisingly Richard C. Hoagland was not behind it. Instead there was Howard Ruff, Michael Luckman, Mark Lerner, Lionel Fanthorpe and Steven Bassett. I missed the part with Lionel Fanthorpe and will have to download to listen, he is one of my favorite guests.

Finally Ian Punnett was allowed to have a decent guest, Jeff Meldrum. What could be better than my favorite host interviewing Jeff Meldrum? Not much. So far they have talked about Jacobs bear, the Patterson Film and various other evidence of bigfoot and as I am writing this the show is only at the half way point.

Later today or tomorrow I will be adding audio of a new Rupert contender that called during the first hour with Ian. He keeps the evil bigfoot away with holy water. :-)

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