Monday, July 12, 2010

UFOs and Bigfoot

I pretty much agree with Tina's post linked below about Syfy's Secret Government Warehouses special, but I did like the Montauk part with Richard Dolan and would really like to pack up for a 3 day hike and thoroughly explore those tunnels.  The Area 51 part was pretty much the same as it is on all the UFOlogy related shows.  How many times can Glenn Campbell take TV people out to Area 51?  What was the point of the helicopter ride when they weren't even allowed to film the base during it?  Oh, I know it is TV and I can't expect much more because it isn't really made for people like Tina and myself, it is made for the normal viewers that don't spend their lives obsessing on such things, so I will quit my whining.

As you will find at Cryptomundo, yesterday they reposted a post from Christopher Noel's facebook page which told us that Mike (the backyard bigfoot witness) had been "seeing things" and there were no Bigfoots camping out in his yard.  I was happy that it was over with, but I should have known it would drag on even longer and when I checked Noel's fb page later his original post had been removed and replaced with this:

I have been asked to withold my update of the "Man with Sasquatch Behind his House" until after Monday night's broadcast of "Overnight AM." 9 PM CST/10 PM EST.

Kind of late to do that after CM and dozens of other sites have already posted it.  We can only hope that after the broadcast tonight this whole silly mess will be done with.

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Bruce Duensing said...

Ever since this phenomenon lost it's connection with science in the form of McDonald, Hynek, Vallee etc, it has been abducted as a cultural Rorschach blot. The Science Fiction Channel created this as a lead in for next season's episodes of Warehouse what have you.the largest question raised is: What happened to Lester Holt's career?