Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This and That

Loren Coleman turned me on to a very cool blog today. Cryptomundo covers all Cryptozoological topics and is maintained by Loren Coleman, Rick Noll and Craig Woolheater. I have added the link to my blog links.

Peter Levenda has a new blog post titled "The Watch on the ... Tigris?" This gave me something new to think of today that hadn't really crossed my mind before, the goal of Nazism and Muslim extremism is the same, to destroy Israel and the Jewish people. I think that is undenialably true, though I had never thought about it before. A very good, thought provoking post to check out.

RCH is back as promised with a new post titled "Somebody's Trying to Kill "Hurricane" Wilma ... BEFORE She is Born! -- UPDATED 5:25 AM" at The Captain's Blog.

Blogger was not letting me post last night which is why I just now got around to it.

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