Sunday, April 02, 2006

My new experiment

Click here to join thedebrisfield
Click to join thedebrisfield

Sure, I need a yahoo group like I need a hole in my head or another blog, but still I wanted to give it a try. Plus, I couldn't bear the thought that someone else might use the name the debris field for a different group, someone is already using Anyhow I thought it might be fun to have a group that discusses all things esoteric related, instead of just ufos or just conspiracies like most other groups. It remains to be seen if anyone actually joins this group, but I will be posting anyway. If you do join feel free to post news, or opinions on such things and hopefully we can have a nice group of people who can discuss things without becoming too rude and nasty like other groups I belong to.


ericswan said...

I can't bear that thought either..hehehehe

Unknown said...

You should join us because you always have good articles and stuff, like the stuff you forward me, that you could post. Not that I am forcing you to, but it would be fun to have you on the list.

JEFM said...

I'll join. Count me in chica.


Unknown said...

Heehee, I haven't heard the word chica in ages. In middle school we used that word a lot, we all thought it was cool.
Looking forward to having you join!