Saturday, December 22, 2012


Yep, taking a bit of a vacation from the blog.  Not really a vacation as I am trying to catch up on other things and do a few holiday social things as well.  Speaking of the social things, had a wonderful time with my friend Jillian and Travis Walton last night.  I don't think aliens or UFOs were mentioned even once. :-)


purrlgurrl said...
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Rick Phillips said...


Next time you speak with Travis, please ask him if he rememebers `Jay' or `Mo' from Snowflake(super long hair/beard) in the 1970's (James Jay Mocilnikar) who got involved with the Hopi's issues at the time.

Snowflake was a small town and while Jay (one of my best buddies) said he didn't know or speak with Travis he knew folks who did and did personally. Just wonder if the awareness might be the same.