Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I have been busy doing other things tonight and ended up not feeling like going through news links.

However, during the day I had a very strange thing happen.  At around 3 pm, my time (mountain), my MacBook freaked out.  I first noticed it when I clicked on something and instead of simply opening that page, it opened and entire new window of Chrome.  I then tried updating my status on facebook (and checked settings), which came out in all capital letters without cap locked being on.  After that I restarted and then shut down and restarted my Macbook which wouldn't even let me log in since everything I typed was still totally in capital letters.  Then I realize if that held down "shift" it wouldn't type in capital letters.  After I was back  in my computer I ran "disk repair" which found dozens of broken files needing repair and it repaired them.  I once again shut down and restarted and all seemed well.  Now, the strange thing was that 1) It went from working totally normally to totally fucked up within seconds.  I had not done anything to cause that - I had only been at google sites and facebook.  2) I found out that Norio Hayakawa had the exact same thing happen at the same time.  Norio is just across town, but not so long after (or possibly at the same time) another two facebook friends also had that happen to them and they aren't even in the US.

So I am wondering - did anyone out there have a similar problem yesterday?  If so, please, let me know.

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Regan Lee said...

Very weird Lesley! I have no idea what happened, but it is very strange you both had the same thing happen at the same time!