Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Joke of the James Randi Challenge (In Defense of Sheldrake)

The Joke of the James Randi Challenge (In Defense of Sheldrake) | STEVE VOLK: THE GENERALIST

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Alfred Lehmberg said...

Poor Mr Moody, he can be so fair-minded and agreeable but that he insists on having no capacity to understand, no aptitude to accept, no ability to incorporate, and no skill to recognize!

More to the point: And I must caution the reader that it is not "Skeptics" I have a problem with or that I am merely bored with the rationality "Skeptics" but _pretend_ to dispense... true skeptics are not the issue! No, they are in comparison persons to be revered above all others and are _welcome_ company ... honored team members... boon companions...!

They are the _most_ interesting of us, the _most_ knowledgeable of us, and the ones to instruct us the _most_! They are not to be confused with scurrilous skepti-bunkies, ponderous pelicanists, or insipid CSIcopians--scurvy klasskurtxians--the antagonists otherwise regarded, eh? No, it's ardent intellectual arsonists like Randi who diminish skepticism and provide it with such a bad name... google "starBaby."

Summing up, Randi is and has been six points of shame covering carnival hucksterisms, empty platitudes to get you into his big CSI tent for the scientistic (sic) revival meeting! Once there, smooth faced scient-evangelists like (the hugely disappointing!) Penn and Teller, the bellicose and whiney Dr. Nickell... or our "not so amazing but pedantic and pedestrian" Randi can perform his unbalanced slights of hand! Now -these- guys, among others, are just slick scientistic-scripture pounding frauds with ulterior motives. Religious fundamentalists of a different stripe... They front a closed organization of similar myopic intellectualists, little men who steadfastly assert to the worried -credulous- that there -is- a place for *everything*, and everything (read 'everybody'!) should be in its place!

The reasonable must suspect that this cannot be the case where there _is_ so very much... and we _know_ so very little in its regard. Humility is required, reader. Hubris is unwarranted and inappropriate.