Friday, February 08, 2013

New Kitty!

Hi y'all!  I adopted a new cat yesterday and so I am spending the evening hanging out with him and helping him feel comfortable rather than updating news.  The shelter named him Jasper and we may keep that name.  I kind of like it as it means "treasure" in Persian (Purrsian - haha!).  He is adjusting well other than not being sure if the dog is trustable.  That is a photo I took of him at the shelter before I brought him home, he was totally amazed seeing himself on the Kindle, so cute!  My other cat, Kanga, is not so happy to have another cat around again.  She is hiding and pouting somewhere.  When I brought Khan home she did that for a couple days too, but she gets over it.


Sam G said...

Congrats on the new Kitty Meow Meow.

Lesley Gunter said...

Thank you! I am very happy to have male cat energy in the house again!

Regan Lee said...

Handsome sweetie! Congratulations.