Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cool UFO Stuff for sale!

If interested contact Joe Fex:  JoeFex6 at MSN


APE-X Research is liquidating it's 20+ year collection of photographic archives and original artifacts. This is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Own some of the most Unique and Rare UFO photographic materials in UFO history for less than standard market values as well as contribute to further preservation efforts.

If you or someone you know are seriously interested in UFO history, you will want to review the archival sections, many containing one-of-a-kind original vintage never before seen photographs.

ALL offers high or low considered. Everything must go! Whatever does not recieve offers within the next 48 hours (8/22/2013 at 10:00 am MDT Denver, Colorado Mountain Daylight Time) goes to public auction. Highest offers for ANY of these materials prior to auction sells! This will provide opportunity for some of these rarities to remain within research where it belongs and out of the hands of collectors, hoarders and hobbyists.

Here is a brief list of what is available, all are currently available for sale and open for offers. Please contact me here for questions, descriptions and images of any and or all artifacts, archival sections and collections of interest to make any offers. Shipping w/Tracking is free for all original materials.
Contact me for Rare Research Materials already being posted at auction.

Best regards, -Joe Fex, APE-X Research

*1814 UFO Abduction Document
1870 Oldest Known UFO Real Photo Stereoview (2 available, one pristine condition & one w/very slight edge wear and perfectly preserved photos)
1905 UFO Photo-Litho Stereoview (6 available ranging from medium to near pristine grade)
*1928-'30 Byrd Expedition Little America Base w/Fleet of UFOs Overhead Photograph
 See Individual Descriptions and Market Values Below.

*One of a Kind Artifact

Approx. 1,200+ Original Vintage (1950s-1970s) 35mm Reverse Negative Slide Transparency Photo Archives
From various collections of Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr. Robert C. Beck, Dr. Benjamine Stankey jr, Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens, International UFO Registry, Gabriel Green/UFO International & of course, APE-X Research. I estimate there are around 1,200 or so individual pieces, Many Unpublished and Never Before Released. Inquire for images and details.
Number Counts are Approximations, most are actually higher counts.

Sections Include:

+*IUFORC/Gabriel Green Etc... UFO Photo Archive - 150+ pcs
+*Robert C. Beck UFO Photo Archive - 140+ pcs
*Ancient Astronauts Archive - 140+ pcs
*Space/Astronomy/NASA/Rocketry/Atomics Archive - 94 pcs
*UFO Newspaper/Articles/Documents - 60+
*UFO Illustrations/Schematics/Witness Drawings - 60+
+*UFO B&W 1950s UFO Personalities - (Not yet assessed)
+*1950s-1960s Giant Rock/Integratron Collection - 100 pcs
+*Pascagoula Abduction - 30 pcs

The Following Does Not Include the Color & or a Few B&W Shots that are Part of the Integratron/Giant Rock Set
+*George Adamski - 30 pcs
+*Howard Menger - 13 pcs
*Jerma Vita - 19 pcs
*Cedric Allingham - 9 pcs
+*Buck Nelson - 4 pcs (2 Signed!)
+*Elizabeth Klarer - 15 pcs
*Dan Fry - 9 pcs (1 Signed!)
+*UFO Landing/Trace Cases - 58 pcs
+* Paul Villa 42 pcs (5 Signed! 3 Never Before Seen!)
+* Billy Meier 19 pcs

*Includes First Generation Shots from Original Negatives and or Photographs
+Includes Rarely/Unpublished/Unreleased Never-Before-Seen Shots

Available Original Artifacts Photos and Documents

Original 1814 Columbian Centinel, Boston, MA. Newspaper Page Document Containing UFO Close Encounter and Likely Abduction Scenario in the Obituary Section

A Retired Revolutionary War Major Encounters Two Crescent Shaped Illuminated Objects Following Him Closer as He Walked an Isolated Road at Night. The Objects Caught Up with Him and Called to Him in English, Predicting His Death!

Current Status: Currently the Only Known Original Copy, Oldest Known Modern North American Document with Earmarks of an Abduction Scenario.

1 Available, Single Front Page Fully Intact, Includes Separated Last Page of Same Newspaper, Estimated Value is $400.00.

Original "Oldest Known UFO Photo" Original 1870-'71 Real-Photo (Sepia tone) Stereoview

Shot with a stereoscopic dual-lens 3-D camera between 1870 and 1871 During Clough & Kimball Expedition into the White Mountains of Mt. Washington, N.H., First Men into the Region, Photo Shows a Large Cigar-Shaped Smooth Metallic Object Rested on a Mountain of Unclimbable Frost.

Current Status: There are Only Eight of these Currently Known to Exist. Producer Sam Sherman has a Heavily Damaged one (The first one discovered, He paid $385. for it on an ebay auction), I recovered the other six. Analyst Jim Dilettoso in AZ has One on-loan for Study, UFO Researcher Chuck Zukowski in CO has Another, two were Sold to Overseas Researchers, one sold at auction and the Two Presented Here. This last one took me over a year to locate and is the best example yet.

1 Available in Excellent Condition with a Small Scratch on Right Photo and Mild Fading from Light Exposure, Established Value of $750.00. ==Item SOLD/No Longer Available==

1 Available in Near Mint to Mint Condition with Only Slight Edge wear, Established Value of $1,000.00.


1 Available in Pristine Perfectly Preserved Mint Condition! The Best Example of this Artifact that Exists! Established Value of $1,400.00.

Original 1905 UFO Color Photo-Litho Stereoview

 Shot with a stereoscopic dual-lense 3-D camera and Dated 1905, this Color Photo-Litho Stereoview Card shows Field Workers in Hawaii, One of the Workers has Stopped Working and is Turned Around Looking into the Sky Directly at a Dome-Shaped Solid Object with a Flat Bottom and What Appears to be Something Like Headlights, Suspended Above the Horizon in the Distance!

Current Status: There are at Least 20 of these Known to Exist in Various Conditions, and an Estimated 50-150 that Exist in Study-Quality Condition that Remain Undiscovered.

2 Available in Good Condition with Mild Handling Wear, Established Value of $75.00.

2 Available in Very Good/Excellent Condition with Mild Handling Wear, Established Value of $125.00 Each.

1 Available in Fine Near Mint Condition, Established Value of $200.00.

Original 1927-’30 Byrd Antarctic Expedition UFOs Over Little America Base Photo Full Package

This is the ONLY known photo of UFOs in Antarctica, it is a fleet of UFOs over the Little America Base in Antarctica shot between 1928-'30 during the first Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd Expedition. Includes a Second Stamped Original 1928 Byrd Expedition 8X10 Photo (Crew Digging Out First Prototype Ford Tri-Motor plane (The Floyd Bennett) , You Will Not Find This Photo Anywhere!), Both Original Frames with Original Tacks and Paper Seals and a Set of 6 4X6 Photo Prints w/Close-Ups and Analysis Images!!!

Both Photos are Stamped by both Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd and "To Be Returned To The Pond Bureau", a Publishing Front for the Office of Naval Intelligence Screening and Censorship Office.

Current Status: Only Original Known to Exist, Its Value is Estimated to be Between $2,800.00 to $3,400.00.

Established Value = Based on Repeated Sales of Similar Examples.

Estimated Value = Based on Sales of Artifacts of Similar Historic Significance, Rarity and Quality of Content.

*Ask about our original 1800s sasquatch documents & paranormal newspaper & Document archive!


Anonymous said...

Joe doesn't mention why he is liquidating said collection. Could it be that he has given up his pursuits as a UFO researcher?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Mt. Washington photo....

I stumbled across this image and could not let the assertion that this is a UFO go unchallenged. I am probably uniquely qualified to debunk this as an expert on both Mt. Washington and stereoviews of the White Mountain region of New Hampshire. I'm also a climber who has summited Mt Washington many times in all seasons including winter.

1. The image is a heavily-cropped portion of a genuine stereoview taken during the winter of 1870-1871 by photographers A F. Clough and H.A. Kimball. Cropping has removed key contextual information, which would immediately disprove this as a UFO photo.

2. From Nov 1870 to May 1871, an expedition under the US Army Signal Corps spent the winter on Mt Washington making scientific observations. There was great public interest in this adventure and their exploits were telegraphed daily. Clough and Kimball were two NH photographers attached to the expedition who made many interesting images which were distributed widely.

3. This expedition was documented in a book called "Mount Washington in Winter". It describes their research and the difficult living conditions in one of the world's most extreme environments. No UFOs or paranormal events were documented. Read it yourself here:

4. There were a number of structures on the summit at this time including two hotels, and the train depot where the observers overwintered. No wooden fences as these would blow away

5. Mt Washington is famous for its ferocious weather especially wind which sculpts snow and ice creating strange and beautiful formations which were common subjects of White Mountain stereoviews. Rime ice forms on all vertical surfaces exposed to wind and can appear milky or cloud-like.

6. In wintry conditions, ground, sky, and clouds can all blend together creating a disorienting effect on observers and climbers and it can be difficult or impossible to scale objects properly. This is why viewing a cropped image might lead some people to think they are looking at clouds.

7. I own one of these images and have seen several others. The "mystery" object is present in the original photograph and has not been caused by retouching, camera trickery, or damage.


In the foreground are frost formations on Lizzie Bourne's cairn, just below the summit of Washington on a day with high overcast. (A cairn is a purpose-built pile of rocks). This is a very close photo. The "mystery" object is only a few inches long. There is a clear demarcation between ground and sky in the background on what was a rare winter day with moderate visibility. The background below the horizon line is wind-sculpted ice and snow, not clouds.

Using a period stereoscope or magnifying glass and/or having some familiarity with the gear and/or process a scientist would use, it is perfectly clear that the object is a wooden "standard". That's just a fancy name for a ruler, in this case, a folding ruler. Expedition members carried them to make observations like snow depth, rime accumulation, etc. They even complained about losing or breaking them in poor weather. You are looking at a ruler placed on a snow-covered cairn to scale an object in featureless terrain. Yes, it is that boring. No mystery zeppelins here. Sorry believers, it's another hoax.

Here are a few examples of folding rulers from about this period:

This is not a UFO. What you have is a not-so-clever crop of a real image by an unscrupulous person perpetuating the UFO myth. The person who cropped it probably thought he was looking at something unique, but this photo is not even especially rare.