Saturday, March 15, 2014

RIP Dr. Roger Leir

I have it on good authority that Dr. Roger Leir passed away last night from a sudden heart attack.  Obviously, as the only person really doing work in the implant area, he will be greatly missed.  Well, not to mention he was a kind person.

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Adolfo Araya said...

Dr Roger Leir was a brave man because he confronted all the system mounted by USA of the denying of Aliens with just extracting precisely objects that were having not signal of entry in the bodies, legs, face and hands of abducted people, and then sent those objects with a T shape to different laboratories where they found that were made of meteorite material and that emitted a frequency. And for all that, we always will remembering him as a Real Heroe of pure Science. Rest in peace Dr Leir. Adolfo Araya - Sydney - Australia.