Friday, September 15, 2017

My Black Eyed Child Dream

This morning I had a weird dream right before I woke up.

I was down in the UNM area where I work and for some reason was sitting on the passenger side of my car. I think I was looking through my music CDs or something. Anyhow, I noticed this girl, probably about 16 years old with long wavy dark hair walking towards the car carrying a pillow. Her eyes were downcast. Immediately I think that is kind of weird and am going to shut the door, but within the space of like a second she is already at my door and trying to climb around me to get into the back seat. She says, "I am so tired! I need in your car so I can rest." I say NO and spin around and use my feet to push her away. She barely moves, so for some reason I tell her "I know what you are!" Within a second she is suddenly about 8 feet away and just staring at me and I can see she has black eyes! That is when I work up! LOL!


Alfred Lehmberg said...

Black-eyed kids... they're like a metaphor for doing something you regret.

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