Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dreamland was hosted by William Henry this week with guest Mark Pinkham. Pinkham spent the time talking about his order of Gnostic Templars. I won’t go into the details of that since you can listen for yourself at Later in the program Linda Moulton Howe continued her exploration of stars that move in patterns.
Onto the subscribers interview.
Whitley did the interview with Pinkham and Henry. Pinkham tell us that he remembers a past life where he was a Priest-King in Lemuria. I am impressed since I have a hard time remembering what I did last week let alone a past life. He goes on to say that the reincarnated Templars are remembering their pasts now and where they hid their power tools. They had power tools? I wish he would tell more about those, but he doesn’t. Henry tells us that he has no past life recall. He wants to know from Pinkham what the Templars had in term of knowledge that we don’t have now. Pinkham says the secrets of Gnosticism and the Grail. Also, they apparently did yoga. He refers to them as the Great White Brotherhood. Whitley wants to know why they are called that. Pinkham says it isn’t to do with skin color, but rather knowledge and that white includes all races since it is a mixture of color. I am not sure I buy white being a mixture of color. Whitley gets to the reason they are really there, to discuss his book, “The Key.” Whit tells about meeting the Master of the Key and how he at first thought he was a waiter from room service and then a fan. Whit loves his fans, but has learned not to meet with them after midnight. I wonder what happened that brought him to that conclusion? The Master of the Key gave him a white, bitter liquid to drink. He doesn’t know why he drank it, but he did. He wants Pinkham or Henry to tell him what that drink was. They discuss it a bit. Pinkham says he knows how to make a drink called a white lion that contains lye and you really have to know what you are doing to make one. I can imagine that is true. William Henry changes the subject, he says Pinkham mentioned the sexual practices of the Templars in his book and he wants to know more. Pinkham says they practiced sodomy. Those practices descended down to the OTO and Crowley did a lot of homosexual practices because he believed they brought him to a higher order. Pinkham wants to make clear that he will not be reviving those practices in his Gnostic Templar Order. Whitley doesn’t seem to care for the topic and returns to the topic of his white drink. He wants to know if it could have been white powder gold. He has had white powder gold before and it gave him powerful experiences, but didn’t taste bitter like the one the master of the key gave him. He also wants to know if that could be why it is called the White Brotherhood? Pinkham says that it could be and that people shouldn’t try white powder gold because there is nobody who knows how to make it. Whitley reads from his book “the key.” Something about communing with the dead. The light bulbs depicted in ancient Egyptian drawings are not light bulbs, but rather containers for souls. He wants to know about the ancient glyphs that show things that look like tanks and helicopters, he asks Henry. Henry says the serpent and the soul are somehow connected. Master of the Key could be right about a soul transportation device. Not just advanced technology, but incredibly advanced. Whit says it would be very dangerous to do that now because when we rise out of the time stream we ruin our reason for existence. Asks Pinkham about it. Pinkham says a weird mixture of things like, in Africa people who died were thought to turn into snakes and the Druids would go to portals that lead to another world. Whit has been told he was a alchemist in a past life, in the early middle ages. He wants to know why they and all of us are here. Pinkham says he believes he is here to revive the Goddess tradition. Henry says he believes he is here to assist in the great work and to reopen the stargate bringing down the higher energies. Whit wonders where we will go. He says the master of key warned him that we are headed for extinction. He then mentions the underwater city near Cuba, says “they” are trying to keep it hidden. Pinkham says that he thinks we learned our lesson from Atlantis and will not blow ourselves up. He continues saying, we are not in the age of Aquarius, it doesn’t start for 400 years. Whit is not sure he believes that, but is wondering if the star gate won’t open sometime and the people who know that will be able to use it. He knows all of us listening are real searchers. Henry somehow manages to compare this all to the movie “The Karate Kid.” Whit says if the stargate is going to open we all are responsible for perceiving it. A garbled sound comes on. Whit says he will leave it in just in case it is a spirit, though it is more likely a passing CB radio.
So that is how it all went down and here is my Whitley quote of the week - “I have been burned at the stake figuratively for 25 years.”

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