Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday - Art returned for the first of his 2 hosting nights of the month. His guest was Nick Begich to talk about HAARP. I have heard Begich numerous times and even though it has been a while there wasn’t much new that he added to the subject. Probably a good show for those who haven’t heard Begich before.
Monday - Noory and guest Professor Lawrence Krauss talked about dimensions. A pretty interesting show. Prof. Krauss wasn’t a big fan of string theory, but he did have tons of interesting things to talk about.
Tuesday - The guest was Chris Fleming to talk about famous ghosts. It was a OK show. I have nothing really negative or positive to say about it.
Wednesday - I think I mentioned last week that I was sick of oil shows and here was another. It was Jerome Corst and Craig Smith talking about abiotic oil. Being that I am sick of hearing about oil I did not listen to most of this show.
Thursday - Noory welcomed Kenneth Davis to talk about myths and superstitions. This is one of my favorite subjects if there is a good guest and Davis was a great guest. He even mentioned one of my favorite, if not my favorite, fiction author Neil Gaiman. Noory was as would be expected was clueless of who Gaiman was and skipped right over Davis’ comments about him.
Friday - The first hour was Judy Belushi-Pisano and Tanner Colby to talk about their new book about John Belushi. Belushi probably one of the greatest comedians ever, who sadly died too young. Pretty interesting stuff and a bit sad too.
What would the week be without a Hoagie pop in? I had expected a hyping of some new blog post he was working on but instead he seemed to mostly veer away from the weather war topic and stick with Mars.
Saturday - Ian Punnett is back in the saddle for his Saturday night gig! Dr. Judith Orloff was his guest, she was talking about psychic vampires. Strange, but I am remembering that there is a Count Orloff in some movie that was a blood sucking vampire. I wonder if there is a secret war between the psychic and blood sucking vampires? The best part of this interview was when Ian kept saying “vagina” over and over again. I bet Noory sitting at home listening blushed every time he heard it. Thanks to the stupid practice of daylight savings time we got to keep Ian for an extra hour. How hot is that? OK, maybe not so hot, but warm anyway.

No hard decision for me this week, Ken Davis was by far my favorite guest. George is almost getting too far ahead to bother to keep score, but it is George 9, Ian 3 and Art 1.


Anonymous said...
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Frankie said...

It looks like I didn't miss much with the whole no power thing... Yes, I don't like the oil shows either. I cannot believe George thinks oil is constantly naturally produced by the earth...

LesleyinNM said...

Maybe the guy had a compelling case for abiotic oil, but since I didn't really listen I don't know.