Monday, October 10, 2005

Sunday - We had George hosting for his 1 Sunday a month. The guest was Kevin Randle who was mostly talking about Sci/fi movies. It was strange because I didn’t know Kevin ever talked about anything, but Roswell. Being that I am a Sci/fi movie fan and it was kind of a nice change for the show I enjoyed it. I was surprised to learn that the Scientists surveyed chose Blade Runner as their fave sci/fi movie because that is also mine and I would have thought they would have picked something more “scientific.”
Monday - George welcomed Edwin Sherman to talk about evidence from the bible code. I normally love bible code shows, but this one was just so-so.
Tuesday - First half of the show was Paul Williams talking about terrorism and the Ramadan Offensive. Pretty interesting. The second half was Walter Cruttenden talking about Dark Star Companion. Sadly, I didn’t hear much of the second half of the show so I will refrain from commenting.
Wednesday - We had auction winner Arthur Krause the first hour. He seemed like a nice enough guy. The rest of the show was Douglas Mulhall talking about nanotechnology. I use to really like nano tech shows, but I am a bit burnt out on them right now so I didn’t listen to a lot of this.
Thursday - Douglas Hagmann was first hour guest. He updated us on terrorism related subjects as always. The rest of the show was Lynn Marzulli talking about fallen angels, the anti-christ and aliens. Although this show was not quite as exciting as I had hoped it still was really good and entertaining.
Friday - First hour was artist Douglas Taylor talking about his encounter with a spaceship. Pretty entertaining and far better than the open lines that followed.
Saturday - Ian Punnett was back for his weekly gig with Mary Roach. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this show given the description on c2c website which was something like “human cadavers” but it turned out to be one of the more entertaining shows of the week. Roach talked not only about cadavers, but also psychics and other paranormal stuff.

I am having a hard time deciding which was my favorite show last week, but I think I am going to have to go with Thursday with Hagmann the first hour and Marzulli for the rest of the show.

That makes the score George 6, Ian 3 and Art 1. Punnett not doing so bad for someone who only hosts once a week.

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