Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday - It was a rebroadcast of a 1993 ghost to ghost episode. I didn't listen to most of it being that I had heard it the first time around.
Monday - Art returned live for Halloween with his annual Ghost to Ghost show. Some good, creepy stories during this as always. Ghost to Ghost is without a doubt the most entertaining that open lines can be.
Tuesday - The day I have been waiting for, the return of Graham Hancock to c2c. This was not the typical Hancock show that I remember. Rather than spending the show talking about ancient civilizations, Graham told us about visiting with Shamans and ingesting ayahuasca. Once again, a show that made me wish for some ayahuasca. There was still some mention of ancient civilizations and other regular Hancock topics too, so this was a excellent show.
Wednesday - Seth Shosak showed up first hour to beg for more funding for SETI. The rest of the show was Ed and Kris Sherwood talking about crop circles and flying humanoids. I missed this show and so far have heard nothing about it that makes me think I should download and listen.
Thursday - Peter Ward joined Noory to talk about searching for alien life. This show was coming from a scientific point of view which can often be totally boring. It wasn't totally boring though and turned out to be a fairly good show.
Friday - We had all expected the usual Linda Moulton Howe 3 hour interviewing fiesta from the Crash Retrieval Conference, instead what we got was a short 1 hour visit. Sure we got to hear briefly from Jim Marrs, Richard Dolan and Linda, but it wasn't the super much anticipated marathon we normally hear from the Conference. Why? I haven't a clue. I think everyone including myself looks forward to Linda and her conference coverage, what the freaks at c2c could have been thinking is beyond me. Except for maybe Noory himself, I know nobody who looks forward to open lines. Who is Noory kidding? Does he really think people like open lines better than hearing what is going on at the crash retrieval conference? C2C utterly failed us on this one.
Saturday - The ferret man cometh! Yes, Ian Punnett is back with guest Dr. Allan Batkin to talk about contact with the dead. I didn't hear this entire show, but what I heard sounded OK.

I think I will quit keeping score since George is so far ahead, but my favorite show of the week was Graham Hancock on Tuesday. If there had been a true Crash Retrieval Conference special he might have had some competition, but as things were there was really none.


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Great rewind, as always. Noory really dropped the ball on Friday, that's for sure.