Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday - It was a rebroadcast of Art Bell interviewing Preston Nichols about the Philadelphia Experiment. I didn’t listen much because I had heard it before, but it was a good show from what I remember.
Monday - George Noory was back from his weekend break. Jim Berkland stopped by for a short visit the first hour and gave some earth quake predictions. The rest of the show was Brad Steiger talking about animal miracles. Some people found this show a bit too sweet for their taste and I get that, but I have a really soft spot for animals so I didn’t find it too sweet at all.
Tuesday - Finally a full show with Loren Coleman, though he did share part of it with thunderbird expert Mark Hall. Lots of Mothman stuff, I am fascinated by Mothman so I loved it. Yes, I even liked that stupid movie with Richard Gere. I have to say that I didn’t really know much of anything about Thunderbirds so that was fascinating too. I wish I had known last time I was in Shelbyville Illinois that there was suppose to be a giant bird around there because I would have found it far more interesting had I known that. It is a pretty boring place without that bit of info.
Wednesday - The man everyone loves to hate, Sean David Morton, was back. I have to say I enjoyed SDM wild ramblings. That doesn’t mean I believe any of them, but none the less they were somewhat fun.
Thursday - Alex Jones was on the first hour, talking about, you know, conspiracy stuff. It was a really enjoyable visit. The rest of the show was Charles R. Smith talking about why we should fear China. I can’t say that he came up with any wild theories, just the truth of it is enough to frighten anyone. Still, there is only so much hate I can work up for China since many of the people I like most, my acupuncturist for example, are Chinese.
Friday - George welcomed astrologist Christopher Renstrom the first hour. Was somewhat interesting and far more interesting than the open lines that followed. Every so often there is just something so funny on open lines that it almost seems worth suffering through the rest of the crap, on second thought not really. This week it was the lady who did the bizarre chanting, she was explaining how she got rid of evil spirits, I think she could have got rid of anything with that chanting.
Saturday - Ian Punnett returned to the magic mic. Dr. Ann Blake Tracy was the first hour guest talking about the dangers of anti depressants. Though many people blame the over prescribing of these as just the greedy drug companies trying to make the most money possible, I am starting to wonder if there is not a more sinister motive. Then David Sereda and Robert Plarr who were talking about sustainable energy.
I did not get to hear a great deal of this and will have to listen later. What I did hear sounded pretty good though.

My favorite show of the week - Not much can compete with mothman, bigfoot and giant birds so it has to be Tuesday night with Loren Coleman.

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