Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday - A rebroadcast of Art Bell speaking with want to be time traveler "Mad Man" Marcum. A great choice for a classic rebroadcast that many new comers missed the first time around.
Monday - Katherine Albrecht joined George Noory the first hour to talk about microchip implants for humans. The rest of the show the guest was Charles Ostman who was billed as talking about nanotech, but really talked about a lot of different types of technology which made the show more interesting.
Tuesday - Lloyd Pye returned, but not to talk about the star child, instead he talked about intelligent design/evolution and a variety of different topics. I liked this much more than most of his interviews.
Wednesday - Richard C. Hoagland popped in the first hour and put forth some sort of conspiracy involving the Virgin Galactic Spaceport and the year 2012. Can't say that I really got a good grasp on that one. Next was Peter Gersten who talked about UFOs and the year 2012. It has been a while since Gersten was last on and I have to say he seems to have changed his views quite a bit. I have to go back and listen to this entire show since I missed a good portion of it.
Thursday - Sherry Steiger was on to talk about Christmas miracles. I didn't hear any of this show so I will not comment.
Friday - A complete waste of air time, a rebroadcast of open lines which I did not listen to.
Saturday - For some reason I thought Ian Punnett was suppose to have the week off, but this was not the case, he is off for the upcoming 2 weeks though. His first hour guest was Peter Lance who was talking about wanting to impeach Bush and Cheney and took many a swipe at Alex Jones and the 911 truth movement. I don't especially like Peter Lance, but still it was a lot better than open lines. The full show guest was Glenn Kimball talking about the Kolbrin Bible. I didn't know much about the Kolbrin Bible and found Kimball pretty interesting. Sure there were a few kind of nutty ideas in there, but that is what makes a fun show.

I can't really pick a favorite show this week, the ones I did like I would say are average at best and I really didn't like one more than the others. So no favorite this week.


ericswan said...

The Gersten interview with RCH on board? any word on Alternative Three? Have you read anything on that topic?

AB5SY said... you have any pull with the staff at C2C??? (hope hope)

If I have to listen to the trucker who drove 150 miles....tell him to leave the drugs alone, and the squicky voice gal, who's mama seen something that looked like a cross between a chicken and a bad it did not eat her mama up. Coast2Coast is wearing some of those great phone calls out.

LesleyinNM said...

Eric - Still have to finish listening to the Gersten interview.

ab5sy - As far as I know I have no pull with c2c or they wouldn't continue to rebroadcast open lines.