Sunday, January 22, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - It was a classic rebroadcast with Art Bell, Bigfoot hunter Robert Morgan and a guy named Bugs who claims to have shot, killed and buried two bigfoots. It is a super entertaining episode and well worth a listen for anyone who missed it the first time.
Monday - Stan and Holly Deyo were George Noory’s guests and they talked about preparing for disaster. Those of us who had several years of y2k shows before that big event had heard this all before. I skipped out after about the first hour.
Tuesday - Will Henry showed up first hour to do some talking about the Stardust Mission. The rest of the show was James McCanney who also talked about Stardust and other space related things. The best part of the night though was when Richard C. Hoagland showed up and gave his theory about the real Stardust capsule being switched for another one. The real capsule in now in the hands of the Masons according to Hoagie. What exactly the Masons will do with it he didn't really say. Nothing like a good Hoagie conspiracy.
Wednesday - First hour was Oliver Williams giving a update on time traveler John Titor. That is always a interesting subject. Then for the rest of the show we have Alex Jones. A really great AJ episode! There are just all kinds of new privacy issues for AJ to sink his teeth into and what AJ episode would be complete without some talk of Bohemian Grove? We also found out that Noory fancies himself to be a expert on the middle east. I am not sure anyone else does, but Noory does.
Thursday - First hour was Howard Bloom spreading Osama paranoia. The rest of the show was Ryan Wood talking about UFO crash retrievals. I didn’t get to hear all of Wood, but what I did hear sounded good and I will get to the rest sometime soon.
Friday - It was time for Linda Moulton Howe’s monthly appearance. She hung around for two hours telling a amazing story of our stupid military trying to shoot down UFOs and losing hundreds of planes in the process. Normally the UFO groups don’t talk much about c2c guests, but I have got lots of email from the lists on this one and they all seem to have enjoyed it.
Saturday - Big announcement from Ian Punnett, Art will be taking over Saturday and Sunday! I was thrilled! I like Ian though and I am glad he will be sticking around even if he can't tell us in what form yet. I wouldn't have wanted to take him off my c2c gif that I just finished making yesterday. After that came Ian's guest Lynn Marzulli to talk some biblical prophecy. It was a fairly entertaining show, though I could have done without Lynn reading from his book.

This was one of the better weeks on c2c in my recent memory. Still, I didn’t have a hard time picking my favorite show of the week, it was easily Wednesday with Oliver Williams and then Alex Jones.
A big welcome back and much love to Art Bell!

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