Sunday, January 29, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Art Bell’s return! The first hour about Ramona and her death was heart breaking, to say the least. It is a hour of radio that I will never forget and believe me as I have thought on it over the days I kind of wish I could. The rest of the show was spent with theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku. Dr. Kaku rocks! I always enjoy his visits no matter how many times I may hear him repeat some of the things he has said before.
Monday - First hour George Noory had on Jerome Corsi to talk about Iran. The rest of the show was the hyped “Skeptics Cage.” It was Dr. Michael Shermer vs. Gary Schwartz, Russell Targ and Dean Radin. Each got their own hour with Shermer and I wish I could say it was a great show, but I found it boring. Dean Radin did the best against Shermer in my opinion. Shermer just mindlessly repeated the same thing to every guest about finding Bin Ladin. The fact that he couldn't realize that it would be impossible to find Bin Ladin using the Princeton Eggs makes me wonder if maybe he should do some homework before he next takes on Dean Radin.
Tuesday - Lynne McTaggart joined George to talk about “the field.” I did not hear much of this and what I did hear I didn’t really get.
Wednesday - Douglas Hagmann returned to talk about Bin Laden the first hour. According to Hagmann, Bin Laden message was signal of “go” for terrorist attacks. Considering everyone else seems to think this tape was fake at least Hagmann had his own point of view. Psychic Mary Ochino was the guest for the rest of the show. As everyone probably knows, I don’t believe much in psychics, but she was a bit entertaining with her wild stories.
Thursday - Loren Coleman was guest the first hour. Someone asked about Bigfoots in New Mexico, since that is where I live I found it interesting that there may be some. Apparently they live in the desert and not the mountains and have less fur. Loren is always a great guest and I wish he would have stayed for the entire show. The rest of the show was John Hogue who I do not especially like. Listened to parts of Hogue, but didn’t find it very entertaining.
Friday - First hour was Marc Hartzman talking about his book “American Sideshow.” A great first hour guest. The rest of the show was ridiculous beyond belief as Noory opened a special line for fortune cookie stories.

Saturday - I guess I should start with Ian Punnett's new show "Coast to Coast Live." First hour Ian visited with James Chiles to talk about the Challenger disaster. The next three hours were one of my favorite guests, R. Gary Patterson who talked about rock and roll myths, legends and curses. I thought Ian's first show was excellent!
Then came Art's Saturday night show. Art had Lloyd Stewart Carpenter talking about polar shift the first hour. The rest of the show was Kevin Mitnick talking about computer security. I didn't get to hear all of this show so I will not comment on it.

Last week seems to have been completely Richard C. Hoagland free, unless I missed him popping in for a few minutes somewhere.
I can easily pick my favorite show once again this week, it was Sunday night with Art Bell and Dr. Kaku.


nolocontendere said...

I've been listening to Art since I think '88 when he was broadcasting from KDWN. He's had stages in his career that I thought have been interesting although I've had my differences with his political outlook most of that time. During the 90s he seemed to be coming around to a more progressive understanding, asking questions, not seeing things from a decidedly reactionary point of view.
Then 9/11 happened and it was back to a no questions, gung ho war attitude like during the first gulf slaughter. He has a very important and influential program and we're living in probably the most dangerous time in our lives; I wish he'd do more to help us get politically aware.
That being said, I know his bread and butter has been the paranormal, and as a matter of fact that was what got me interested in him the first place - I was flipping around the dial and caught a faint signal of him with John Lear.
But my opinion of him notched up with his reaction to such tragic circumstances. Jumping back into his life's work is an incredibly brave thing. One wonders what direction he'll be going in now. I'll be listening.

binnall said...

I didn't notice any Hoagland last week either.

Great recap, as always !

LesleyinNM said...

Nolo - Not sure what year I started listening to Art, but it was a several months before he started into the UFO thing. Personally I just as soon he stay out of politics, since I don't always agree with him. Also he is right there are plenty of those type of shows.
Binnall - I think a week without Hoagie must be a record of some kind. It seems like since he became "science advisor" he has been on at least once a week.

AB5SY said...

Listening to Art last night.....I got the impression he has returned with a tougher attitude, and will take no prisoners of his guest. Either they contribute or face the wrath of Art.

In the first hour, researcher Lloyd Stewart Carpenter talked about Earth's coming polar shift, which he believes may happen soon...(much to my dismay, ch*t like that scares the jibbies out of me) and at times got ahead of Art and even himself, fortunally Art was able to pull Carpenter back to Earth.