Sunday, February 12, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - First hour was Charles Ostman talking about alternative energy. The rest of the show Art Bell talked with Charles Shults about artificial intelligence and virtual reality. A interesting and entertaining show.
Monday - Noory welcomed back Nick Begich the first hour. The full show guest was John Jay Harper talking about visions and altered states. This show was better than I had expected, but nothing to write home about.
Tuesday - A guest we haven't heard from in over 5 years and that I for one had not really missed, Lori Toye returned. She still had her same earth changes predictions that were suppose to have happened in 2000. According to her the ascended masters that give her this info aren't good with times and dates. In my opinion if you can't master time you are master of nothing. Still, George seemed smitten with her and I would expect that she will return sooner than 5 years this time.
Wednesday - First hour was John Curtis giving update and opinion on the Islamic violence. Then was Charles Upton talking about end times and UFOs. I had expected Upton to be a bit more nutty than he actually turned out to be and I am not sure if I was disappointed or happy that he wasn't. A good show, but not great.
Thursday - First up was astronomer Daniel Durda to tell us that the German story about a asteroid heading towards earth was not true. Then Katherine Albrecht told us about employees of a company having to get implantable chips. Full show guest was John Zaffes talking about exorcisms and possession. I suppose I was spoiled by years of Father Martin, but I didn't find Zaffes exorcism stories very scary.
Friday - Linda Moulton Howe was the guest for the first couple hours. She updated us on someone who had called in last time she was on c2c saying his Uncle had worked around aliens and crashed saucers. His Uncle is dead and apparently burnt all the photos he had so there is only the nephews word to go on. Next Linda had a short interview with supposed area 51 scientist Dan Burisch's mother. She tried to corroborate her son's story, but again there was no proof. A entertaining couple hours. The rest of the show was open lines.
Saturday -
Coast to Coast Live with Ian Punnett - Poor Ian! He was given another "experimental" guest. This time it was professional poker player Annie Duke. Very boring to those of us who could care less about poker. Open lines were the highlight of this show for me.
Coast to Coast am with Art Bell - First hour was Lauren Weinstein talking about internet privacy. The rest of the show was Dianne Arcangel talking about the afterlife and communication from the dead. Art filled us in on some communication that a medium has received from Ramona since her death. I wouldn't argue with Art on that one, besides it seems to have made him feel better. A pretty interesting show.

Really it was hard to pick my favorite show of the week. I enjoyed Friday with LMH, but she wasn't there for the entire show. Still, I think I will have to pick that because I found some other shows to be good, but none really stuck out from the rest.


AB5SY said...

I agree, LMH was also my pick of the week, even though I felt she often was not talking from memory, but rather reading to us from her notes in storybook fashion.

LesleyinNM said...

It is possible that she was. Since she noramlly gets a limited amount of time to fit things in she probably does have notes that she reads from.

David R. Poole said...

Great recap as always.

The LMH and Charles Upton show I'll chalk up as a draw for best of week.

Didn't catch Ian, and barely made it through 30 minutes of Art (I was dog-tired after being out at the Pomona Raceway all day for the NHRA finals [my Dad's friend got us in a sky booth so it was pretty cool]).

Regarding the LMH show, all these stories make for great myths, but wouldn't it be nice if just once, the files weren't thrown in the fireplace?