Sunday, April 02, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Noory filled in for the missing Art Bell. His guest was Astronomer Phil Plait. I am not a big Plait fan and so I skipped most of this show.
Monday - Noory's guest was Heidi Hollis talking about shadow beings. I had my doubts about this show, but it ended up being more entertaining than I had expected. Heidi had some pretty good shadow people stories and Noory who loves to talk about shadow people seemed to be fascinated by her stories.
Tuesday - The first two hours of the show were with guest Steven Quayle. For those of you who don't know, Steve is one of my very favorite guests. No giants this time around, but plenty of interesting things like suitcase bombs and the end of the world. The second half of the show was also with one of my favorite guests, it was David Icke. Oh sure, you can make fun of the whole Icke Reptillian stuff, but I have met certain people who gave off a very Reptoid vibe so you won't hear me totally dismiss it. Dave was all illuminati, all the time for this one.
Wednesday - When I first heard guests Michael and Nicole Sebastian referred to as "the dream dudes" I was pretty sure this show would suck. It did actually suck, very boring.
Thursday - Douglas Hagmann was the first hour guest. Really don't remember Doug having anything new to talk about, but still a interesting first hour. Bruce Maccabee was the guest for the rest of the show, he talked about UFOs and Tesla. I have not yet got to listen to the entire show, but what I heard was entertaining even though Bruce was suffering from a cold and sounded like he should be in bed.
Friday - I hear that Hoagie phoned with some April Fools joke about Noory being part of the illuminati. I missed this since I do not listen to open line shows.
C2C live with Ian Punnett - Another show I thought would suck and ended up being wrong. Ian interviewed Michael D'Antonio who wrote a book about Chocolateer Hershey. It wasn't the best show Ian has ever done, but it was more interesting than I had thought it would be.
C2C am with guest host George Knapp - George welcomed guests Bob Lazar and his long time friend Gene Huff. Much of the talk was about Bob's house been raided by SWAT teams for no apparent reason. This may have disappointed those who wanted to hear only about area 51, but I thought it was a very good and interesting show. It was nice to hear both Bob and George on the radio again.

I have no problem picking my favorite show of the week, it was Tuesday with Quayle and Icke. In fact, I would say that is my favorite show of the last month, if not longer.

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