Sunday, April 09, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - George Noory filled in for Art Bell and his guest was Lou Gentile. I was not impressed with Gentile. He had some pretty good EVP's, but overall the show was dull and because of that I tuned out early.
Monday - Peter Lance was the first hour guest. We got to hear how many Emmy's he has won, how he solved the 9/11 conspiracy all by himself and how he chases down mobsters and brings them to justice. Hard to believe that one man can do all of that, but he will be more than happy to tell you all about it. The rest of the show was Dr. Richard Boylan talking about Star Children. I am not sure I believe in Star Children, but parts of the show were entertaining nonetheless.
Tuesday - Dr. Thomas Blass was on talking about the obedience experiments. I had heard about these before at Jon's blog, Plvs vltra and I had thought they were very interesting. Dr. Blass was also very interesting and had stunning information on what people will do merely because they are ordered to. Military dictatorships count on it and it turns out they have no reason not to.
Wednesday - Roger Tolces was the guest and he explained to us all the ways the government or anyone else can keep tabs on us. Of course, it is in his best interest to make us paranoid since he sells anti-surveillance equipment. Still, there was much good information in this show.
Thursday - Just what c2c needed a new remote viewer to add to their guest list. It was Paul Smith. Smith wasn't like the other remote viewers because he didn't really give any predictions, he just talked about the early days of the remote viewing program and remote viewing in general. Since Smith didn't waste my time making predictions that will never come true I give him a passing grade.
Friday - My info from Michael Whitt is that Richard C. Hoagland showed up for a brief few minutes with absolute proof that there are ruins on Mars. Of course, this was Hoagie proof meaning it has no scientific value. I guess Noory opened lines for a brief while after that and then put on a rebroadcast of Michael Tsarion so he could look well rested for his son's wedding the following morning.
Saturday -
c2c live with Ian Punnett - I heard the entire first hour of this. There was a great mention and then guest Professor Craig Evans to talk about the gospel of Judas. Professor Evans was pretty interesting, but I missed the second half hour which was taken away from Sean David Morton and given to him. I also missed most of Morton, but did catch the last hour in time to hear Morton whine about Noory playing the clip of him being wrong about some football game, he said Noory played it over and over again. Funny because I listen to c2c almost every night and I never heard it once, but kudos to Noory if he really did that. Other than that it seemed to be Morton's normal ego driven rantings.
c2c am with Art Bell - This was a rebroadcast of Art and Bart Kosko, I skipped it.

I shall have to pick Tuesday with Dr. Thomas Blass as my favorite show of the week. It is always nice to have a new topic that turns out to be interesting.

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