Sunday, April 16, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - It was a rebroadcast, but a great one. It was Art Bell's 1997 interview with Phillip Corso. I cannot tell you how long I have wanted this to add to my MP3 collection, so I was thrilled! I have to say that after so long since hearing this interview and reading Corso's book "The day after Roswell," it was almost like hearing it for the first time because I had forgot so much. After listening to this and thinking about it for a week now I think I have pinpointed the difference between the old Art and the new Art, or why there is a difference. I think I will save that for a future Grey Matters though.
Monday - Noory was back live and his first hour guests were Captain Sweeney, who is becoming quite a regular, talking about the Dubai purchase of Inchcape Shipping and why that may be a bad thing since they will be checking cargo and such. Then Richard Hoagland stopped by for a few moments to talk about something that I don't remember at this point. Allan Watt was the full show guest with his take on the illuminati. Watt was not nearly as exciting as Alex Jones, David Icke or Jordan Maxwell, but all and all I found this to be a pretty entertaining show. I also like his take of Prozac being sprayed in chem trails.
Tuesday - I think there was a first hour guest, but I missed that. The full show guest was Dr. Sherri Tenpenny to discuss bird flu and vaccines. Though I had heard most of this before it still wasn't a bad show and I think it is good to get that info out to people who may not have heard it before.
Wednesday - Fear monger Jerome Corsi was the guest the first hour. He was sounding the alarm that Iran could have a nuke within 6 months. There are so many varied time lines on this subject that I really don't know what to believe, yet 6 months just seems unlikely to me. The full show guest was Dr. Kenneth Hansen who told us all about the gospel of Judas. I enjoyed this topic and Dr. Hansen. It was a very good show! On a personal note, I have never seen Judas as the evil man people make him out to be. God supposedly sent Jesus here for the purpose of dying, I always saw Judas as merely helping God with his plan and that it was God's will that he do what he did. I certainly don't think Judas' act condemned him to hell, I believe he did exactly what he was put on earth to do. He wasn't the only disciple to betray Jesus, but they build churches in Peter's honor. Betrayal is betrayal in God's eyes, it is only humans who differentiate, in my opinion.
Thursday - Those who read my blog probably know by now that I am sick to death of Will Henry due to his almost weekly appearance on Dreamland. So I did not listen to much of this show and will not comment on it because I probably could not be fair with my comments.
Friday - Open lines, which I skipped as normal.
C2c live with Ian Punnett - Ian's guest was numerologist Glynis McCants. It was pretty much the same stuff we have heard from Glynis on numerous occasions. Ian did get in a good one when he asked about the numerology of his real name "Chad Bonesteel." Glynis actually feel for it and Ian had to tell her he was joking. Glynis is hoping to some day meet a Chad Bonesteel.
C2c am with Art Bell - The first hour of this show will live in infamy. Art announced his marriage to Airyn, a 23 (I am guessing, but Art did say she was in her 20's) girl from the Philippines. Not only that, but Art is moving to the Philippines. I realize how sad and lonely Art was after Ramona's death and I hope his very hasty decision was the right one. I wish he and Airyn much happiness. The rest of the show was Brendan Cook and Barbara McBeath, from the GIS. As many of you will know I enjoy Brendan and Barbara's EVPs even though I don't believe in ghosts so I am sure this was probably a good show, but I missed most of it and will have to listen tomorrow.

I doubt I have ever picked a rebroadcast for my favorite show of the week, but I will this time. Sunday with Art and Corso was my favorite show of the week.


ericswan said...

I wonder if he will continue his broadcast?

Anonymous said...

My previos e=mail to you Lesley with respect to Art's dedication to 'Theatre' is confirmed with his latest sortie into mail/order/net marriage. With Ramone hardly cold I can imagine the cats have been terminated now.
I have no respect for his Svengali/Charlatanesque Narcissistic approach to life/self.

LesleyinNM said...

Eric - He will continue his broadcast.
Anon - I put Art's actions down to being crazy with grief and very lonely. I can't imagine leaving my pets, but he did say he was going to try and take at least a couple of them if the quarantine isn't too long. I agree that a very long quarantine would traumatize them so maybe it is better if he just finds them some good homes. I am sure there will be no shortage of people willing to take them. I do somewhat agree with you though, I can't imagine leaving my pets and therefore I can't imagine how anyone could do it. Still, I have never suffered the very close loss that he has so I will not judge him. Everyone reacts to grief differently.