Sunday, April 23, 2006

Coast to Coast Rewind

Sunday - Ed Dames was Art's guest. I did not listen to the entire show, but I listened enough to hear Dames say that he could now "pinpoint" locations. Does this mean he will no longer predict earthquakes that happen 2000 miles away from where he said they would? I have my doubts, but I guess we will have to wait and see.
Monday - Noory's guest was Peter Lance. Lance has got to be the worse presenter on earth. I have listened to him try and explain his 9/11 theory at least 3 different times and I have never been able to fully understand it. Still, I found it to be a pretty entertaining show even though I couldn't fully follow what he was saying.
Tuesday - Dr. Ronald Klatz was the guest and the subject was anti ageing. This is really not my thing and although I tried to listen it was just too boring.
Wednesday - The show was Ken Klein talking about Pyramids and the supernatural. Klein was much like Lance in that he was very excitable and I couldn't follow what he was saying. I never did figure out exactly who he thought built the pyramids other than they weren't Egyptian. They didn't seem to be ETs or Angels either, or at least not exactly.
Thursday - First hour was Billy Gibbons of ZZ top, who I missed. The rest of the show was weird because Paola Harris had been listed all week as the guest, but she only ended up being there for the second hour. She talked about Hellyer and Monsignor Balducci mostly. Then she was replaced by Michael Salla who was telling us about comet fragments that may hit the earth. Then things got more strange as Noory ambushed Salla with Richard Hoagland to debunk him. Although I agreed with Hoagie for a change, this seemed pretty unfair to Salla who didn't sound as though he had expected it. Salla also stayed for the final hour.
Friday - First hour guests were fear monger Jerome Corsi and then Steve Alten to talk about Nessie. For those of you who didn't hear, several months ago a tooth was recovered that was thought to be from the Loch Ness monster. According to Alten this turned out to be the tooth of a giant eel and he thinks Nessie is a giant eel. While that is highly possible, I have more than a few questions like 1) How can they be sure the tooth was from Nessie since it was just found next to a dead dear and nobody actually saw Nessie kill the deer, and 2) I didn't really understand what lab did the testing and how they came to the conclusion that it was a giant eel. I looked at the pix on his website, but I can't say that the teeth looked exactly the same as the giant eel he showed. The rest of the show was open lines and I watched TV instead.
Saturday -
c2c live with Ian Punnett - Ian's guest was Dr. Len Horowitz who was talking about water, tones, vibration and intelligent design. Another show I didn't get and Ian didn't either as he pretty much said at the top of the last hour and ditched Horowitz for open lines.
c2c am with Art Bell - Art had taken ill with a virus so we were stuck with a rebroadcast. The rebroadcast was Brendan and Barbara of the GIS, who if you will remember were just on last Saturday. Why on earth they would think we wanted to hear them 2 weeks in a row is beyond my understanding and needless to say I skipped it.

It was not a good week, which makes picking my favorite show really hard. It was so bad that I am going to have to pick the strange Thursday night show with Paola Harris and Michael Salla as my favorite of the week.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why Art Bell ever selected George Noory to succeed him, except perhaps because he (Bell) wanted a successor who could NEVER hope to steal his thunder. I mean, Art Bell was not an especially outstanding personality to begin with, and I listened to the guy for 13 years, perpetually frustrated with his arrogant and insincere snake oil pitches.

So, I guess the only way to satisfy Art Bell's superiority complex was to bring in a complete imbecile of a replacement... And, by God, Noory is an imbecile from the word go. Since he's been on the air, I've made note of Noory's moronic utterances, and here are a few of the worst:

Stupid Things Said By George Noory:

"Mind control, what is it about the human brain that makes this happen?"

"I watched 'The Last Samurai' with Tom Cruise, and ya know what, they were some pretty tough warriors!"

"Is dehumidified water drinkable?"

"So, can you explain how Creation evolved?"

"There are a lot of thirteens involved with numbers."

In response to a scholarly monologue regarding the effects of EMP (electromagnetic pulse) associated with nuclear detonations:
"It's kinda like the little generators we used to put on our bicycle wheels, right?"

"The United Arab Emirate is talking out both ends of their mouth."

"In the early days of Mankind, you know, salt was considered a luxury---it was almost considered a spice."

In response to a preposterous anecdote of an "angel feather" acquired by a physician who witnessed the feather gradually shrinking & disappearing:
"See, the thing is, feathers don't shrink like that!"

Duh, no shit, George.

LesleyinNM said...

George is no Art, but he is better than Mike Segal. I think you did hit on the reason Art choose George. Great quotes, thanks for that.